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Five Friday Favourites - Covers Of Books I'll Never Read

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Although I'm an avid reader, and although I like to read, there are many books that fellow blogging friends have read that I will never read. It's not to say that these books are bad - god no, some of them sound fantastic, but it could be anything, from a time period it's set in, to the author maybe not hitting it off with me (through their writing of course, we hardly go out on dinner dates, I'm not that lucky people), but that doesn't stop me falling head over heals in love with their covers when they're not looking. I'm like a book pigeon, coo'ing at the pretty books, but who is also shooting way out of my comfort zone. In fact, I've been known to push myself into reading a book I had a feeling I wouldn't like, just to justify having the pretty cover, even if it was for a short amount of time.. I fall in love with book covers from books I will never read, it's an issue I have, like a sub-issue from my overall issue of loving book covers, and what better way to indorse such an issue than to showcase my favourites?


  1. Zodiac by Romina Russell: I fear that all of these reasons are going to start with something along the lines of 'this book is gorgeous', but they are, and so is Zodiac; it's colours, it's hues, it's contrast, it's general look, it just screams beautiful, but I'm just not that interested in the book whatsoever and never have been. It sounds slightly spacey, I think, and it's got a star or constellation reader, which I like, but don't care all that much about, and after the surge of it's release, it seems to have gone poof, so I'm not too fussed.
  2. The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Patterson: I will be avoiding this series like the plague, and not because it's done anything to offend me, but I just have a really really strong feeling it's not for me, and I've wasted hours on books I've felt that before with and been proven right, so I'm trusting my instincts here too. However, this book is bloody goddamn gorgeous and I would frame it just for the pretty.
  3. The Heir by Kiera Cass: After asking for your opinions on The Selection series in a previous Five Friday Favourites, you all confirmed my fears that the series was very romance focused and less politics and battles and or dystopian, fantastical features, which sucks, so I will be avoiding this series, even though I have to remind myself every now and then, but this, it's drop dead, it's just - *hearts eyes*
  4. Untamed by A.G. Howard: Oh please, do not seek me out and skin me, but while this cover is just, breath-taking, Splintered;s ending took what was a great book with a chance of me reading the series and ballsed it right up. I can't bring myself to push through the series, at least, as of right now I have no intention, and while I would love, love to have this cover, I can't make a good enough excuse.
  5. Champion by Marie Lu: No, I promise you, I liked Legend enough, but I just couldn't continue reading Prodigy after pushing though the first half, and that makes me sad, because Champions cover is just so pretty, it's just got the perfect colours I like, it's all dark and rich and powdery and so good looking and I can't have it, because I don't love the series. *sighs* So many pretty covers, so many I cannot have.


  1. Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon: Nope, I just can't. I am so in love with this cover, it is without a doubt one of those covers that I would be happy to have on me shelf just to look out, without any intention of reading. The one problem with that is, I've heard nothing but bad things about the series. Its a mythology story, of what kind I don't know, and it just sounds like a mix between the Fallen and Twilight books. I  have been on the fence about it for years and I just can't bring myself to even try it.
  2. Until I Die by Amy Plum: I will more than likely never finish this series, but the covers are so beautiful and so me that it pains me.  Everyone seems to be split 50/50 about the story, you either loved it or you hated it and I was sadly one who just could not get on with #1. I've got an OCD about leaving series unfinished and even if I don't like them I carry on with it, but I think this would do more harm than good.
  3. Frostfire by Amanda Hocking
  4. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld: The cover is so spectacular, the detail on this is bloody amazing and I loved Scott Westerfelds Uglies series but I don't know about this one. I'm not saying that I don't like steampunk because I've read a few that fall into that category and have a ton more on my TBR shelf, but its one that I'm really unsure about.
  5. The Kingdom of Little Wounds by Susann Cokal: I'm pretty besotted with this cover, I could look at it for hours. I have had this book on my TBR shelf on Goodreads for a few years now, but I've never picked it up. The reason this is on the list is because I think it's just been on my shelf for too long, overshadowed by other books. That and it's nearly 600 pages.... that's a dedication I don't think I'm ready to commit to right now haha

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  1. I was lured in by the pretty cover of Zodiac and the fact that I love astrology. Let's just say I didn't get very far. I'm sorry to hear you won't read Champion though! I had issues with the first two books of the series, but that last one was so strong, well-written, and compelling, I actually cried at the end. Her writing definitely improved. I'm now a big fan.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, although that is the general consensus I've found, such a shame. I couldn't get into finishing Prodigy, and I've kind of left that series behind, but I might one day give it another shot if you really did enjoy the ending. Maybe I should try her more recent work since she's improved so much? :)

  2. I do not like the Seection series (seriously, you can't promise me rebels and then never solve the mystery about them! Just too much kissing, not enough killing, imo!) but I'll read the Heir anyways. The covers are just freaking GORGEOUS!! I WANT TO HUG THEM ALLLLLLLL!!!!! <3 <3 So pretty.

    I adored Champion, sorry to hear your didn't like Prodigy!

    Actually, Kiss of Deception sound exactly like my type of thing, so I'm excited to read it and I'l willing to give Zodiac a try! They have beautiful covers!!

    I am in love with the Untamed cover. I quite enjoyed the books but not as much as other people. I sometimes find myself wishing it was just a stand alone and not a trilogy... *hides behind couch from pitch forks and torches*

    Until I Die and Frostfire have pretty covers as well but I don't plan on reading those, either... Not my thing.

    Anyway, beautiful coversss!!!
    ~Fari 0:) @ My Little Corner for Books

    1. The covers appear to be the most loved thing about the series, such a shame about it all. I agree though, Splintered wouldn't have been bad as a standalone, not really, there was a real message in there, but I do think the sequels, from what I've heard, are romance driven, yicks! Thanks though Fari!x

  3. There are definitely some truly beautiful covers you've both mentioned here! That being said, those can be deceiving, and it does happen that loving the cover may not mean you'll love the book (which is a shame!) I feel the same way about The Selection series - though the covers are alluring, the storyline does sound too shallow for my liking and there are other books to get to which I have to prioritise. Thanks for sharing :)

    Eugenia @ Genie In A Book

    1. I've found that exact point quite often, which does suck quite a lot. I've gotten okay to not reading The Selection, it's premise just doesn't sound enticing enough, and there's much better sounding series out there, so we shall leave those series behind I think. Thanks though Eugenia :)

  4. These covers are all so pretty - The Heir, and Frostfire are very catchy, you're not missing out on The Selection series, it's just romance and less dystopian - the characters aren't likable either. Frostfire is one book I have recently read, the plot is barely there though, it's as if it's just a teaser for the real action o.O Lovely post verall<3
    <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. Oh, I'm glad I'm making a wise choice with The Selection, I'd be disappointed to read romance everywhere and not Dystopian, that's a little sucky. Thank you for visiting and commenting Benish!<3

  5. I'm with you Amanda, with all your choices in fact. Zodiac looks great but um, I don't think I have enough braincells for that many characters tbh. Heart of Betrayal won't be something I rush to read. Book one was a big disappointment for me. The Heir...unpopular opinion but man that series made me so angry. Ensnared lost me so naturally I'm not too excited for Untamed. And yeah...I wasn't never too impressed by the Legend series. Oh goodness, look at all that negativity LOL

    I LOVE the cover for The Kingdom of Little Wounds as well! I've actually never seen it before which is insane because it's gorgeous. But I don't think I have the braincells for 600 pages rn LOL

    1. Thanks Jess! We always have similar taste and that's a great thing me thinks, I can always rely on you for good recommendations and books to avoid!<3

  6. That Untamed cover is so BEAUTIFUL! I'm not had the want to pick up the series, but I have always loved the covers!

    Same with the Heir. I will not read the book due to the author, but the covers have always made me a bit swoony.

    This was such an awesome topic!

    1. I read Splintered and just couldn't understand why it ended how it did, it put me right off..
      Thanks though Lyn, pleased people liked this months topic!<3


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