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Weekly Recap | 23-28 Feb. 2015

Welcome to Beautiful Bookish Butterflies Weekly Recap. Once a week, Stacie and Amanda take the time to talk about the weeks goings on, both on the blog and in our lives elsewhere, any new books we may have received and want to mention and what's interested is within the blogging community. Stacie and Amanda link up this recap with Caffeinated Book Reviewers Sunday Post and occasionally Tynga Reviews' Stacking the Shelves.

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Our Lives This Week:


This week I have been lacking in so much! I have not had any desire to read or write reviews and I have just felt like I was in one giant slump.I thought I needed that one great book to pull me out, and in a way it has, but I just still have not felt anything about reading or blogging. I think its because I haven't been sleeping well at night again. I know I'm constantly going on about it, and I am sorry, but it's pretty much the truth.  Next week should be busy though, I have a day in Caitlyns school and I've got her birthday on Friday so trying to get everything in order for that. This year is going way too quick.

Best Reads of February

 The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend The Assassin's Blade (Throne of Glass, #0.1-0.5)

So I only read a handful of books in February, but those were the best.  The DUFF was a really funny book and apart from the promiscuity of Bianca,  I really felt like I related to her in some way. The Assassin's Blade was brilliant, not my favourite out of the series but a great book to learn more about Celaena and I really enjoyed reading about her life before, it just answered so many questions I had.  The end of February has been better as far as reading so I think I'm back into the flow :) Also, could be a good thing or a hindrance, but I got put on the auto approval list for HarperCollins Children's UK on Netgalley. My mouth was positively salivating thinking about the books I might be able to download instantly from now on, haha!


It's like, I get better, only to get ill again, and if I can be so honest, I'm sick of it (no pun intended..) Good news is, I'm getting better and (fingers crossed!) I won't be annoyingly ill for a short while after it's cleared up entirely, but being ill and in quite a lot of pain definitely puts a dampner on your week. I think I've exhausted my enjoyment of board games this week for a good few months, and I've also cut back on how much I'm blogging thanks to my experiment last week, so I have enjoyed being a potato on the whole.

Best Reads of February


On the book front, as you can maybe see for yourself, my reading choices were much better this month, resulting in my first 5 star reads of the year, and my first favourite of 2015. In comparison to January's dismal 2.64 average rating, February's was a much better 3.37, so I'm really rather pleased with myself. The three books featured were the three that most surprised and impressed me most, although there were others that were equally as good, these were just my personal favourites. I'm really rather happy that this month, I've only got a few review copies to read and one library book out, which means I get to concentrate on the books I own for once, which is wonderful, considering I've got a lot of new books to read, and many sequels to get around to reading. Wish me luck guys, March should be a much more relaxed month.

What We Liked This Week:

- Nereyda talked about 'happy ever afters' and their meanings
- Stephanie talked about commenting systems
- Brittany introduced disney to young adult recommendations
- Amir thanked and shared the love for all readers/bloggers
- Shannelle talked about free-time, blogging and all the posts
- Lara revealed her survey results about gifs in reviews
- Jess released that you need to blog for something more than yourself
- Cait asked: do you procrastinate reading books you'll love?
- Jeann shared her top ten wordpress plug-ins- Amanda talked why she struggles with retellings
- Sandra talked heroines descriptions in books

Tell Us About Your Week!


  1. Gah slumpsss, I feel you Stacie. I was in a horrible one in February but hopefully that clears up soon.

    AND YESSSS AMANDA! I LOVE THE NATURALS! It's everything I want in a book, hopefully you like the sequel as well!

    Have a good week, you two! x

    1. I'm really hoping I do! I'm planning on it this month, I just can't wait for more!x

  2. Great to hear you enjoyed The Naturals, I've had it on my TBR forever and I really need to get around to it one of these days!

    Stacie, I absolutely LOVED The Assassin's Blade and agree that it was integral to the series. Definitely shows Celaena's past in all of its glory.

    1. You really do, it might not be really strong, it reminds me a lot of Gallagher Girls and All Fall Down, it screams Ally carter and similar work, but you could love it! :)

  3. I haven't read any of the books you've shared. I have a couple but been so busy I can't get to them. LOL I hope the slump and illnesses go away and stay away! Hang in there!

    My Sunday Post -

  4. I happen to HAVE Life Unaware so I am SO EXCITED to read it now!! YAY! I also loved The Naturals, but I read it last year, so I can't remember too much. I just remember that it BLEW MY MIND!

    Awwww STACIE <3333 FEEL BETTER. I know all about the slumps and I know how easy it is to fall in one. So that MUST mean that it's just as easy to get back into the swing of things, right?????? SENDING YOU ALL THE HUGS

    My Stacking the Shelves + Montly Recap here.

    - Nova @ Out of Time

    1. You should be Nova, the topics and subjects are far too good to miss! The Naturals = AMAZING!x

  5. I really enjoyed The Duff far more than I thought I would, it was pretty funny. I'm happy to hear you've had a better month of reading, Amanda because reading duds can be so discouraging. You two have had a great week of reading! :)


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