Thursday 19 March 2015

Who Wore It Better - The Well of Ascension

The Covers

1. Older English | 2. Portuguese | 3. German | 4. Newer English | 5. Italian | 6. Polish

My Thoughts

When it comes to the series I haven't got any idea what it's really suppose to be about as I haven't read it, however there is a recurring theme of a lady on the front so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there's a main character of the female persuasion right? :P

Cover #1 - I know it's a bit of an unusual cover, one that would normally put people off, but it caught my attention straight away because you can instantly see that its a fantasy/horror book and I just love how creepy it is. I think everything in the cover works really well, the colours and the photo it's self. However the only thing I would say I'm not too keen on would be the font. Cover #2 - I love this cover almost as much as the first one, I think the way the colours have been used are really interesting. The girl, the castle and the font gives it the illusion of being a young adult book which makes it appealing to more people.

Cover #3 - This cover is a bit more different than the rest and perhaps the most mysterious of the lot. It really doesn't give anything away and still manages to give the vibe of a dark story with a battle of some sort. Cover #4 - Even though it's 4th, the newer English cover really is one of my favourites as far as the colours go. It's pretty simple but everything complements each other perfectly and the font is the best out of the lot.

Cover #5 - I know I don't have a clue what goes on in the story but this cover just seems.. out of place for me. I don't get why the women on the front still looks fancy while on the others she looks like an assassin of some sorts. I just doesn’t work for me. Cover #6 - I actually like this, maybe not as much as the others but I like the way the women’s dress flows into the background, the colours and the font.

Judging the covers was a lot harder this week, but when you are in a shop buying a book for the first time, the chances are you aren't always going to know what happens, thus knowing if the cover fits with the story or not. This week was a challenge and I liked that :) (I've also added what seems like a really interesting fantasy series to my radar so it could be worse.)

Your Thoughts

What did you think of these covers? Have you read the series, and if so, was it good?


  1. I don't own any Sanderson yet, but my internal book geek has been crying at me to buy #4 for ages already!! I've just heard though that the series has been given another revamp and cover change, so as much as I want books 1-3 in the blue and white gorgeous-ness, I don't want the others to not match!

  2. Edition four is HANDS DOWN my favourite. I will hunt around the world for one haha

  3. I couldn't comment on this WWIB before because when I got to it, this site was done but...
    My #1 would be the second cover. I love the colors, and the illustration, and I'm really sad this is not in english!!!
    My second favorite would be #4. It's not as good as the first book in this edition, but I just love the simpleness of the colors, the use of a lot of blank space and the tingle of light blue! I am not the biggest fan of the girl they drew, but I do like the technique, and considering I can't buy my favorite because... well, it's in portuguese, I would get that one.
    The rest are kind of tied, to me, with #5 being my #6 because... as you said, IT DOESN'T FIT (and she looks a lot older than she is supposed to be, and there is no sense of danger/battles/mystery to this cover!)

    Great post amanda!


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