Thursday 19 February 2015

Who Wore It Better - Crown of Midnight

The Covers

Cover #1 - US/UK Editions
Cover #2 - Dutch Edition
Cover #3 - Russian Edition
Cover #4 - Spanish Edition
Cover #5 - German Edition
Cover #6 - Turkish Edition

My Thoughts

I think it's safe to say that #1 is pretty much everyone's favourite cover style when it comes to the series, and why wouldn't it be? Not only does it have Celaena in all her badass glory but, now you may think I'm crazy, there’s also something rather elegant about it (or at least I think there is anyway). I just love the colours on both books and though I prefer the UK covers because of how bold they are and how much she stands out because of it, I do like the US font better. When it comes to the Dutch and Russian covers, I do really like them. I like the contrast of colours and how the picture doesn't look too over the top. The reason I prefer #2 to #3 though is because even though she was pretty girly, the girl in the cover of #3 just seems to be wearing too much make up for my liking, it doesn't really scream Celaena.

The Spanish edition for me is a funny one, I know that Nitzan couldn't stand this style of cover and saved it till last but there’s just something about it that I like. I don't think however that I would pick it up and read it because the cover just isn't striking enough and is just too plain, it really does feel like the Spanish publishers copped out. Well sadly for everyone like me who finds it strangely appealing (not enough to read it) there is going to be a lot more that don't get it.

Yet again the colours of German cover are really striking, but they just seem to get the girl so wrong, and they didn't put in any effort as it's the same as the German cover of Throne of Glass, only the colours are different and they flipped the girl.. not cool. The Turkish cover.. I just do not like at all, I don't understand why they put tattoo's on her because I for one do not remember her having any.. and the corset? God no, I can't imagine her wearing one at all.

Your Thoughts

What did you think of these covers? What did you think of the book? Do you love Chaol too?! How would you feel about things being spiced up and the lush males in the book's being included in the covers?


  1. I definitely like cover #1 the best, but I think my other favorites up there are #6 and #4. The Russian one is too, well, Russian. And the German one has too many of the swirly framing things. The Dutch one is ok.

  2. I really liked seeing these different covers! My favourite is definitely the UK edition, with the US coming second. I don't mind the Spanish or German editions either.

  3. So, I actually LOVE the Russian one. You may be right about the makeup, but I love the fierce expression on her face, her entire outfit, and the fact you can tell this is not a girl to mess around with. And she's absolutely gorgeous. I really think that she's the equivalent to the drawn girl on the US/UK covers. She could BE her. And I love the background.
    So, naturally, I love number #1, but I adore your #3 as well.
    The Dutch is pretty good, I think it was second place in my WWIB, but idk, I like the colors of it a lot less than I did on the first cover... And the rest are just BAD as far as I'm concerned lol
    Great WWIB Stace!

  4. I reeeeally like the UK cover best. XD It's so clean yet powerful and, you're right! Seeing Celaena in all her badassery glory is just the best. XD I don't mind Spain though...

  5. I just LOVE the UK covers that we have, the white is really striking and I love them so much! It's so interesting to see how a book is marketed and perceived differently in different countries, 4 looks like a really plain book, 6 looks like a dodgy indie title and 3, I love how powerful she is but that's not the Celaena I imagined. Lovely feature Amanda!

  6. I still haven't read this one yet. I've only read Throne of Glass, but I really like the UK covers. I wish I had bought those from the start, but I'm okay with the US covers. The US cover is probably my second favorite. I had never seen the any of the other ones, but I kind of like the Spanish cover. I hope they continue with Calaena on the cover.
    Emma Likes Books

  7. I've never seen the Russian one before but I actually quite like it. I think it's probably the best out of the others you have put up - except the two you put as number 1 as those are my absolutely favourites. I like the UK a bit more than the US.. then the Russian one. Then the others don't work for me.


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