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Weekly Recap | 18-24 Jan. 2015

Welcome to Beautiful Bookish Butterflies Weekly Recap. Once a week, Stacie and Amanda take the time to talk about the weeks goings on, both on the blog and in our lives elsewhere, any new books we may have received and want to mention and what's interested is within the blogging community. Stacie and Amanda link up this recap with Caffeinated Book Reviewers Sunday Post and occasionally Tynga Reviews' Stacking the Shelves.

Just a few bits and bobs!

- Our Opening Week giveaways close in just over a week, you've not got long left! Stacie | Amanda
- It's already been mentioned on Twitter, but FFF returns next Friday (30th!) - get the details on that!
- We also announced our Month of Series event for April on Twitter, with more details to come!
- Finally, Stacie's back in town! *celebrates!* It's finally time for some real co-blogging action!

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- Series Review: White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter
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- Who Wore It Better - Beautiful Darkness
- Bookish Musings - Amanda's Winter Haul
- Book Review: Zom-B Baby by Darren Shan

Our Lives This Week:


So as the week ends I can say on a very happy note that I AM BACK! Did I miss you all? Of course I did. I'm so happy to be back and thankful that Amanda's had no problem holding down the fort the last few weeks. This start to the year for electronics hasn't been too good for me, but on the flip side to that my OH started a new security job and will be working during the day instead of night time like all last year so that's good, it's also less dangerous so I can worry a bit less now :)


I managed to back 11 books from the library over the space of 2 days, having to rely on the library to upload posts for a while kept me in more books than you can imagine. Up above is a photo of some of my favourite finds. I've been wanting to read all these books for a while now so can't wait to get my hands on them. As far as eARC's go, I haven't got anything this week. I'm pretty up to date with all my review copies and arcs from last year and I did request some this week but I wont talk about them till I am accepted or rejected. (Cross your fingers for me - lol)


I err, hmm. It's been a, a weird week I'd say. It's been that kind of week were lots of things probably happened, but not a lot has actually stayed within your mind long enough for you to take note, or really enjoy, or care much about. There were stand out moments that cropped up, like how myself, my Mum and my Step-Dad went for a Chinese Friday night which was really nice - I've only ever hand one other Chinese previous to that, and both experiences have been positive, so there's that. I guess I've just been having a mini 'oh my god, I'm 20, unemployed, living at home and have very little to show for myself, what am I doing with life?' break-down this week.. eh, things will look up.

Just some of what's been happening lately on Instagram.

In book related news, it's been a more positive week. I'm getting more active in my reading, making my way through collected e-arcs that I've left abandoned over Winter, and I've even, dare I say, had a few good reads, by which I mean I finally broke into the 4 stars level with Love Bomb and The Last Leaves Falling, both of which had me crying buckets. Oh, and I also managed to get hold of The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler, which is just, wowzer. I have exciting plans for the latter.

(Stacie: I requested The Summer of Chasing Mermaids too Amanda, I hope I get it!)

What We Liked This Week:

- Neredya talked about love triangles and double standards
- Allie talked NaNo and drafting
- Brittany explained how and why she changes ratings
- Kelley created a quiz: what kind of clairvoyant would you be?
- Danielle asked: what type of reader are you?
- Jeann asked everyone to spread the love
- Amanda delved into the unspoken rule for comments
- Celine talked about books with tough subjects
- Eugenia wrote an open letter to the blogging community
- Cait explored her bookish turn-offs

Tell Us About Your Week!


  1. You two are so fabulously bookish <3

    I really liked Dark Inside but it has 4 POVs so that was a little hard at first. Also 11 BOOKS?! WHAT? You, missy have super powers <3

    Both of you had such awesome weeks!

  2. WELCOME BACK STACIE!!! You're so up to date, you kind of put me to shame hahaha

    AND GAH MINI BREAKDOWNS SUCK! Hopefully it all passes by. I get into those moods/funks as well but I always remind myself that life is unpredictable. I'm sending positive vibes your way, Amanda! And yay! You're active in your reading? I need to take note from you. I suck with reading nowadays :((

    Have a good week, lovelies! Keep rocking! <3

    1. Oh they definitely do. Things are looking better though, so those vibes helped, thanks Jess! I hope your reading picks up, you need some fabulous reads as encouragement! :)

  3. Welcome back Stacie, and hope things will look up, Amanda. Enjoy your beautiful book hauls and have a great week ;)

  4. I had an off week recently. It didn't reflect on my blog posts but something felt off all that week. Back to normal now and reading like crazy too.

    Have a wonderful week ya'll and enjoy your new reads:)

    My Sunday Post -

  5. Welcome back, Stacie! You guys look like you had a great week, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. My fave post this week was definitely the Who Wore It Better Post. It was great. Also: love you design! It gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! The design is something I'm really proud of.

  6. Yay on the working days and safer! That's got to be such a relief for you. Great links this week you guys! Hope the mini-breakdown is better now Amanda. I think we all have them over different things and they suck. Have a great week!

    1. They do suck, but things are looking up now Katherine, so thank you!

  7. Welcome back Stacie and hope you both have an amazing week :) 'She Is Not Invisible' and 'Let It Snow' have been quietly sitting on my TBR for ages, so looking forward to seeing what you think!

    Eugenia x

  8. Happy reading! Amanda, things will look up! My two boys (aged 21 and 19) still live at home (and eat me out of house and home lol).
    The Pegster Reads

    1. Ah, I try not to eat my Mother out of house and home, it would not be great, but thank you!

  9. She's Not Invisible - I read that this month and I really enjoyed it!!

    Wonderful, you two, and I just adore the new layout!


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