Saturday 24 January 2015

Book Review - Zom-B Baby

Zom-B Baby
Author: Darren Shan
Series: Zom-B #5
Genres: Paranormal, Horror, Fantasy | Young Adult
Release Date: 26th September 2013
Publishers: Simon and Schuster
No. Pages: 215
Source: Borrowed
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B has spent the last few months bunking with the Angels, a group of teens dedicated to eradicating the evil dead from the face of the earth, beginning with the undead roaming the abandoned wreckage that was once London. But the Angels' mission is a bit more complicated than that, and B takes to the streets of a very changed London to decide: is it a mission really to be believed? But instead of answers, B finds a horror beyond imagining
The following review may contain spoilers concerning earlier books in the series.
If you have not read the previous installments, please proceed with caution.

First thing first, would you look at that cover how bloody eye catching is it? In mine and Amanda's end of the year book survey I posted a picture about both the Zom-B Angel's cover and the Zom-B Baby cover when asked the question of favourite covers of the books I had read this year and why would I pick any other than that of my favourite author? When it comes to the cover's of Mr Shan's book he's never shocking for the sake of it, every cover no matter how gruesome has something to do with the story itself.

Aside from the covers the other thing I love more than anything bout Darren's book's is that though on the surface they are just a fantasy book for kids there is always such a deeper meaning and important message etched in-between the characters words, such themes as racism and bigotry, corruption, genetic engineering, and now religion and belief. Throughout all of the Zom-B series so far I have felt like, until Zom-B Angels we didn't really get to know B, the books were more focused n trying to set the scene of a zombie apocalypse and really get you engaged in all the horrors that come with it. However in this book I feel we are really really starting to see B for who she is, her character development over the past two books has taken such a big leap from the first book and I'm starting to like her the more I read. (considering I wasn't too sure about her as a main character from the start I'm glad she's growing on me )

At the end of Zom-B Angels, Oystenin told B why he had made it his mission to fight the 'war'. Despite making some friends, B wasn't sure if she could stay in the environment with someone she doesn't think is 100% sane, leaving is hard though and to make her mind up she really has to take a look inside herself and her past, she also needs to find herself a little more and after coming to conclusion that she couldn't do that where she was her decision is made. She leaves everyone behind and sets off again in the streets of London, filled even more with reviveds. On her travels she bumps into an old acquaintance who is nice enough to put her up for a while. By the end of the book she has decided what she wants to do but seems more confused than ever.

As I've mentioned a lot of times while talking about Darren Shan, I'll pretty much read anything he writes. Though I will admit that when it comes to this series I'm still waiting for a favourite. Each new addition to the story brings something more terrifying and strange than the next one did and the characters are just as good if not better than before. I enjoyed learning more about B and seeing a different side to her, I enjoyed reading what happened to an old face, but for me what I'm looking forward to the most is finding out more about Mr Dowling who could be one of Mr Shan's best villains to date (…. I say could be because nothing comes close to Lord Loss in my eyes haha).  Overall his book was good and I got the next one out of the library today so I can't wait see what happens :)

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  1. How ever did I miss this author???! I'm heading over the check him out now and looking forward to viewing his cover art. Thanks for steering me to a new horror and zombie writer!


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