Thursday 2 October 2014

No Books Allowed - September 2014.

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So thanks to my internet playing up and not having being able to post my September addition, I'll post it now. Not much has happened, but it was a busy month all the same.

I think the most notable thing that has happened this month is my little girl started school full time. It was an emotional time for me, of course haha. I can't believe that she's already so grown up, it really is scary. When I was younger and I would argue with my parents one thing my mum always said to me is that I will know what it's like when I have kids, she also told me when Caitlyn was just born that my years would soon fly in and they have, by god have they. I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, I remember everything that she's done or liked or been upset over in the past 4 years and they have slipped by my in the blink of an eye. But when I look at these two photos to my right, it's unbelievable. The first photo is her first day of nursery when she was just 3 and 5 months, the second is her first day of reception and she's 4 and 5 months and I can not believe how much she has grown up in that short time. I mean, it's not only me right? look at those photos and tell me she doesn't look so much more grown up in the second one. She's always been tall for her age too, she's just a little bit taller than my niece who is going to be 5 this month, but I can't believe the difference. I want my little girl back :(. I miss her a lot during the day, though I like the peace and the freedom to sit around and do nothing if I wish, not having her running around and constantly asking questions is so strange for me. I think the only saving grace for us is that she has always loved school and she's taken to the full days like a duck to water. (she even told me the other day that her teachers are magic like Elsa from frozen, and when I told her male teacher that he found it rather funny haha)


As far as TV goes in September I think the only show me and the OH watched that is worth mentioning is True Detective with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, I've always been a big fan of Woody (yes... even way before he was Haymitch) but this show just highlights why I love him so much. He is such a fantastic actor and he plays such a gritty character in this show. When it comes to Matthew McConaughey, I liked him but always thought he was only good at playing the romantic parts, that was of course until I had seen him in Dallas Buyers Club, his oscar for that was well worth it because he was like a different actor. Even my partner who before that couldn't stand him, couldn't believe how brilliant his was and as much as I like Woody, Matthew makes this show what it is. Honestly, if you like thrillers/murder mysteries/cop shows and you haven't seen this show yet then just stop what you are doing and watch it. It's only 10 episodes in the first season but every single one will grip you and begging for more


September saw the same as far as family goes, my other half had his work nights and we still found it hard to spend some time together, I've been seeing his family and mine so same old same old really. My nan however managed to break her hip at the end of August, so my mum went over to Ireland for a a week to see her at the start, she's getting back to normal though which is good. Me and my mum have made plans to go over in February, because its been nearly 12 /13 years since I've actually made it over to see my paddy family so I'm really looking forward to that, everyone has grown up so much over there and they are all having kids which is crazy because the last time I saw them they were between 8-12. Though I would love to take Caitlyn over with me early next year, she's in school. Plus because of the amount of time it's been since I've seen everyone, I want a few days where I can just spend as much one on one time with my aunts, uncles and cousins as I can. Me and Glenn have talked about going over in the summer with Caitlyn for a week which will be lovely, my nan and some of my aunts have seen Caitlyn in person but because there is 10 aunts/uncles, 30 or so cousins and go now's how many second cousin, there still a few that she needs to meet :P. 

So there you go, not much happened in September I guess. Now I'm just getting ready for christmas, going to start picking up things for little legs once a week as of next week to make sure we are on top of it. How was the previous month for you? 

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