Thursday 3 July 2014

Book Review - Fragile Line

Fragile Line
Author: Brooklyn Skye
Genres: Contemporary  | Young Adult
Release Date: April 21st 2014
Publishers: Entangled Teen
No. Pages: 222
Source: Review Copy - Entangled Teen
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It can happen in a flash. One minute she’s kissing her boyfriend, the next she’s lost in the woods. Sixteen-year-old Ellie Cox is losing time. It started out small…forgetting a drive home or a conversation with a friend. But her blackouts are getting worse, more difficult to disguise as forgetfulness. When Ellie goes missing for three days, waking up in the apartment of a mysterious guy—a guy who is definitely not her boyfriend, her life starts to spiral out of control.

Perched on the edge of insanity, with horrific memories of her childhood leaking in, Ellie struggles to put together the pieces of what she’s lost—starting with the name haunting her, Gwen. Heartbreakingly beautiful, this poignant story follows one girl’s harrowing journey to finding out who she really is.

This book, I read it mostly while on the way to work and nearly missed my stop on the train a few times because I was so engrossed in the book. Even though I really enjoyed this books, and I did believe me, its hard to write a review for it without completely giving away the punch line because it doesn't tell you in the summary. And that's one thing I have to say I fecking love the most about this book, being surprised in books doesn't happen that often to me any more and when it does I relish it.

First thing you should know is Ellie has blackouts, for whatever reason there is moments of her days that she cant remember and it seems to be happening more and more. The only person she's talked to about them is her boyfriend and  he thinks she needs medical help. When the time frame of the blacks jump from a few minuets or hours to days, and instead of only missing out on a bit of conversation Ellie has somehow managed to make her boyfriend want to break up with her, she knows its time to finally get some help and figure it out. Where does she start when the only person she's told thinks she's making the whole thing up in order to get off the hook for the thing's she's done. Therapy of course.

At first, like any normal teenager, Ellie doesn't want to go and fights against her parents for making her. But soon she realises that even though she doesn't like feeling exposed or opening up or even remembering, it's helping her to come to terms with what happened to her before she was adopted and who she is.

As well as having the ability to surprise me, Brooklyn Skye actually offered up some pretty decent characters. Ellie, though annoying at times was a really well written character and was strong in her own way. Shane was a really sweet guy, a little bit of a push over if you ask me but still he was loyal and caring and he really went out of his way to help Ellie even when they weren't together. Gwen was probably my favourite character even though we got to see very little of her. She was strong, blunt and she didn't take shit from anyone. And although that might not be everyone's cup of tea, she was who she was because she had to be to survive, deep down she's just ask scared as the rest of us. And the we have Griffin, the bad boy who is still sensitive and in need of love. I loved him, probably more than Shane. But that's because I am a sucker for the bad boys haha.

I loved this book, I really didn't expect to and I fell in love with the cover in all honesty, but I found myself being very disappointed that it was a stand alone book and not a series. I wanted more pages haha.
Still, the fact that Brooklyn Skye manages to squeeze such a good story into so little pages is one of my favourite things about it

Brooklyn Skye if your reading this, please please please write a sequel. I'd love to know what happens next :)


  1. I am so happy I saw this review, has made me really want to read this book. I had seen it on a lot of blogs but never really paid it much attention, now I am really tempted to try it myself.

    1. I'll be honest with you , I really only requested this because of the cover and when I found out it had so little pages I wasn't optimistic, but it turned out being a really really good book. You really should give it a go.


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