Thursday 12 June 2014

Bookish Musings - Series

Bookish Musings is a feature here at Beautiful Bookish Butterflies that allows one of us to share our thoughts and opinions, talk and discuss things happening in the book and blogging community or share a personal book related issue we have. Today, Stacie is talking about series and how they seem to be taking over there life, why she has an inability to finish any and what she plans to do about it..

For my first proper discussion , I'd like to talk about series. I know a lot of people do it and its not exactly original, but what is these days.   For me, when I read a series that grips me and keeps me hooked, I feel like Charlie with a golden ticket. But its not always the case. Since I started reading for pleasure at the age of around 13 I've started many ones but completed no where near as many. In fact I sat and went through my good reads and this is what I cam up with:

 Series Started: 112
Series Completed: 23
Series on going (book's still coming out): 27
All Books out, just haven't finished: 53
Series I have no desire to finish: 9

I'm not exactly sure where this GIF came from, but while looking on for some book related GIF's to go with my post, I came across it and it show's how I feel sometimes. Not about books in general, but series. I have always liked series more than stand alone books, its no secret. But sometimes I just cant handle starting any more because I know I have a lot to finish (I didn't however know that I had started that many before today though and am shocked to say the least). 

 But I, like many others, get very distracted by pretty covers and the premise of a great story, one that I can really sink my teeth into. But as you can see from the few series I don't really care much about finishing, it doesn't always go the way I want. My biggest problem is patiences. I am the most patient person god gave breathe to at times and I would much rather wait for all the books to come out and binge for a week then wait year after year from them to be released. The problem is the waiting part. I can not do it with books, I can't even do it when TV shows even though I'm ripping my hair out midweek.

Above me you will find some of series I wish I would have waited for.   The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski was such a good book, in fact its one of my favourites of the year, and the fact that I have to wait till march next year (unless they put it back) for the next one makes me hyperventilate a little. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo   series has been a favourite of mine since early last year, and even though the last one comes out next week, I still wish I had waited and read them one after another. I have work for a few days next week and the no matter how hot and sweaty the trains are, no matter how much my feet are hurting or how tired I am, I WILL FINISH IT! haha. 

With  Angelfall by Susan Ee the reason I wish I waited is a little different. This book blew me away, like really knocked me on my ass. And the fact that its a 5 part series makes me so happy but also fills me with dread. The third book is not out till next year, meaning it could be at least 2017 before we even read the end. This is a great example as to why I question what my motivation is for putting myself through the wait haha. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin is on the list because by the time the final book comes out I would have been waiting 2 years for it. Its crazy haha. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey & Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger are two other brilliant books that I could have just as easily binged on. I wish I had, because the waiting is killing me :(

These books, are series I wish I never started. The reason behind this is because I just really didn't enjoy them, but I have this inability to just leave things unfinished. No matter how much I'm hatting something. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris is the start of the True Blood series, I will very rarely pick adoptions over the books but the show is so much better. However I am 11 books into the 13 of them because I can't help but need to finish them even though I really hate the books.  Hereafter by Tara Hudson had a great idea, it just wasn't well executed . Switched by Amanda Hocking is the reason I don't believe when books are hyped up any more. Taking Chances by Molly McAdams was one of the worst contemporaries I've ever read. Nevermore by Keith R.A. DeCandido were nothing compared to the TV show & Glass Houses by Rachel Caine just wasn't what I expected ( that and the fact there is 15 books in the series puts me off slightly, just saying).

The fact that I have started so many series while only completing a small amount of them is enough to worry about. The thing I am however worried about more is the fact that there is a total of 168 series waiting to be started on my TBR. Now if you think that an average series has around 3 books to it, that's a total of 504 books alone. And that's just the ones I have marked. I can't help it though. I feel like all the pretty covers and good summary's are shouting at me like Agnes just asking please. I couldn't say no to her and I can't say no to them.

OK. I'll admit it. I'm a series-aholic. And it is slowly but surely, taking over my short but colourful life. would I change it? nope haha.

Are there any series that you are in need of finishing? or one's you wish you never started. Or are you like me and just wants to sample everything?. Comment and let me know :)


  1. Haha, you are not alone! I am just as terrible and I can't help but start more and more series even though I haven't finished even a third of the ones I have already started. I gave up on the Sookie Stackhouse books after book 2, hated them and much prefer the TV show. Good luck finishing more series!

    1. haha glad to see it. I really didn't know I had started that many and was rather shocked.

      I wish I could have given up on Sookie Stackhouse, but because I love the show so much I just wanted to like the books. I'll probably take me a few years to finish the last few though because I'm so disinterested in them.

      Tell the truth Charnell, the reason you like the show is because of Alexander Skarsgard right? ;)

    2. That might be part of the reason ;) Getting to see Ryan Kwanten topless might be the other part ;)

    3. haha you can keep him, Vikings are more my time :P

  2. Oooo, good topic! Series is a topic that never gets old and it's completely personal to the person talking, so good place to start. Personally, I think with the shelf of NetGalley, I've found myself some fantastic new series and been able to continue with series that I've started physically, while there are also some I regret starting and won't finish. I also have a serious issue with finishing series and that's part of the reason I created Commitment to Series this year, so that I could see that I can start and finish series in a year and it's been a great push to do that! I'm a sampler, not a completer :P

    1. thank you , that's what I thought :)
      That's why I've started so many new series too, because of NetGalley. I think everyone has one's they wish they didn't start and plan on never fishing, I cant help it though. I'll say that I wont but I know I will because its not in my not to.

      I think I've saw that, if I've missed it though I'm going on the search for it after posting this haha. Seems like something I need :P.

      Haha I thought you would be :P


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