Friday 31 January 2014

Who Wore It Better #2 - A Million Suns

Who Wore It Better is a meme created and hosted by Nitzan at The Book Babes Read and co-hosted here on Beautiful Bookish Butterflies by Amanda and Stacie. We don't talk about clothing or fashion and we definitely don't talk frills and spills, we talk books and their covers and who we think has the best. This week, Amanda's talking about the covers for A Million Sun, the second book of the Across the Universe trilogy. She hasn't yet gotten to the second installment and is still seriously considering..

The Covers

My Thoughts

I actually like a lot of the covers this week, however, I find it quite funny how my least favourite is the one available in my country, the New UK edition, which is mainly the entire reason I haven't continued with the series. It sounds petty, but it's true. The original cover, the international one, matches the copy I have, and so I haven't gotten over my none matching cover problem. However, I actually like all of the other covers. I think my next least favourite is the Greek edition, and while it has the sun as it says in the title, I personally think the title refers to a million stars rather than a huge sun. After that, I'd probably have to say the German edition, because it reminds me of the original Across the Universe cover; it highlights a grow in relationship, and from what I've heard, A Million Suns focuses a little more on their relationship, and not only that, you can see that Amy's hair is red, like it's stated in the books. And that's why the Polish edition is my second favourite. I wasn't even aware this cover existed, and while it looks a little like the UK edition, it reminds me much more of what the ships exterior would look like, and the actual models remind me much more of Amy and Elder would look, and it highlights Amy's hair, which I love!

I think in the end, my all time favourite is the original cover that was used over a year ago, but it's so close to being the Polish edition, because when I saw it, I instantly fell in love with it.

Your Thoughts

What are your favourite covers? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Leave your comments down below and don't forget to check out Nitzans version of the covers for Across the Universe, and next weeks edition where Nitzan will discuss her favourite covers from a different series next week.


  1. What a great feature! I definitely prefer the original cover - I'm so picky with covers with actual people and/or faces on them! Which is unfortunate as it's so common in YA books.

    I love this post! Great work with your blog, keep it up! :)

  2. Ohh, Amanda, I GET you. It's hard to pick the next book when it don't look pretty on your shelves no more :( You could use The Book Depository to get the international one or any other cover you'd like - it sends free worldwide :)
    The original one is probably my favorite... I'm actually not a fan of any of the other covers Oo The new US just doesn't appeal to me much... The UK just looks so awkward and now that you mention it - they really look nothing like the characters supposed to look like. I HATE the line men on the Greek cover. The German is the closest one I have to like (aside for the original) cause as you said it looks a lot like the first but also signals growth so... And I'm sorry, I don't like the Polish one :( The models look to me poorly pasted together and badly photoshopped... Sorry! >_<"

    1. I don't see the point in getting it in the original cover since there's no cover for Shades of Earth to match, would rather just cry :(
      I can completely understand your choices though, I can see that the Polish cover is very photoshopped, and that the Greek line people is very strange. I very much hate my UK choice, it's pathetic and a let down in comparison to the original. So great to get others opinions though! :D


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