Monday 6 January 2014

Book Review - The Immortal Rules

The Immortal Rules
Author: Julie Kagawa
Series: Blood of Eden #1
Genres: Dystopian, Vampires | Young Adult
Release Date: 24th April 2012
Publishers: Harlequin Teen
No. Pages: 485
Source: Purchased
To survive in a ruined world, she must embrace the darkness…

Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of a walled-in city. By day, she and her crew scavenge for food. By night, any one of them could be eaten. Some days, all that drives Allie is her hatred of them—the vampires who keep humans as blood cattle. Until the night Allie herself dies and becomes one of the monsters.

Forced to flee her city, Allie must pass for human as she joins a ragged group of pilgrims seeking a legend—a place that might have a cure for the disease that killed off most of civilization and created the rabids, the bloodthirsty creatures who threaten human and vampire alike. And soon Allie will have to decide what and who is worth dying for… again.

Enter Julie Kagawa's dark and twisted world as an unforgettable journey begins
So as you may or may not now, I was super duper excited with bells on to read this book. It was on my TBR list for a year, and last week I managed to to pick it up for a £1 while shopping in Asda. I was very happy (as you can see in a previous post) and started reading it the moment I had finished what I was currently reading. Before I start you should know that I'm a massive fan of Dystipian novels at the moment, thanks to The Hunger Games, I'm also a lover of vampire books at the moment thanks to The Vampire Academy & Bloodlines, so you mix those two together and what could go wrong? thankfully not a lot if this books is anything to go by.

This book kicks of with a double hanging of a young unregistered human couple, their crime is stealing eight ounces of soy, two potatoes and a quarter loaf of bread. Very harsh if you ask me but in New Convington, humans are by law registered property of the vampire leader Prince Slazar (FYI, I did spazz a little at that name of course other people have that name but obviously my first thought was of Harry Potter.) anyway to be registered in New Convington, the vampire run city, you must give blood when it is required, in return you will be fed and housed adequately and also kept safe from the rabid vampires that dwell outside of the city walls. Humans are being kept like slaves ever since Red Lung Disease took out 70% of the population.

Allie, is one of the unregistered. She and her group live in what was once a school in The Fringe just outside of the Inner City. She and her friends are constantly hungry and on guard but its worth it compared to what their life could be. None of them want to live as a human blood bag, but times are difficult, there is hardly any food around and Allie has to go to extreme measures to find something edible. She set's out to the ruins and is lucky enough to find a house with a stocked basement, but luck isn't on her side for long when she returns with her friends to get the food. Not far from the tunnels back into the city, the rabid descend on her and her group and Allie is left dying and making a hard choice, die and leave the world for good or Kanin (a vampire she's has met once before that happens to be in the right to place at the right time) could turn her, only problem is there's no guarantee she wont turn into a rabid.

Not wanting to die she accepts Kanin's offer and thus begins their training, until they are unfortunately separated and Allie is yet again on her own. Wandering she stumbles across a group of humans trying to find a safe city called Eden. Convinced to stay with them after saving one of their own, she decides to even though it would mean trying her hardest to pretend to be human. How long can she keep it up for though? she could either fed from group members when they are asleep and unaware, or she can put of feeding to the point where the hunger is so strong, restraint is almost nonexistent. On top of trying to not give in to her basic instincts, she has to try and keep everyone at arms length, specially Zeke the son of her new groups leader.

All in all I enjoyed this book, it didn't wow me as much as I expected it too but that might just be because I had such a high expectations of this. Also, it could only be me and I wouldn't be surprised if it was but it reminded me of The Walking Dead in parts, I wont go into detail as it could spoil both this book and The Walking Dead (if you watch it) but that's how I feel. Looking forward to the next book :)

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