Thursday 27 March 2014

Who Wore It Better #6 - This Lullaby

Who Wore It Better is a meme created and hosted by Nitzan at The Book Babes Read and co-hosted here on Beautiful Bookish Butterflies by Amanda and Stacie. We don't talk about clothing or fashion and we definitely don't talk frills and spills, we talk books and their covers and who we think has the best. Nitzan is still very much enjoying her break from Drugs Called Books, so Amanda once again decided to delve into the covers of another standalone she really enjoyed, and one she'd recommend people read, This Lullaby.

The Covers

Cover #1 - Revamped UK Paperback Edition
Cover #2 - Portuguese Edition
Cover #3 - UK Paperback Edition #2
Cover #4 - Revamped US Edition
Cover #5 - Spanish Paperback Edition
Cover #6 - US Edition

My Thoughts

I really like the covers available in this book, especially Cover #1, the first of the UK Paperback editions. I also think this cover is available in Australia and such, but as far as I know, it's the newest design available and I love it. It follows a similar suit to others written by Sarah Dessen, but it also looks simply beautiful, with the guitar as the background the small images coming out as the notes, it's just adorable, and I so wish I had this copy, but sadly, I do not. Cover #2, the Portuguese edition is also extremely cute, and I especially like how it just looks so naive and childlike, much our main character in This Lullaby; I like the green and the guitar and the fonts on the cover, overall, it's a lovely looking cover. Cover #3, the other UK edition is the edition I have and while it's still very lovely, the pastel colours complimenting the feel of it and all the hearts having lines in the song that matters a lot in this story, I just don't find it as appealing as the other covers previous. Cover #4, the new US edition is quite nice in general, the purple is nice and the guitar, as well as the simple look, but I don't like how Dessen's name is larger than the title, and nor do I like how, well, plain it looks; it doesn't grip me like the simplicity of Cover #1 or Cover #3. Cover #5, the Spanish edition is much like the Portuguese in the feel of it being a mish-mash of things, but it feels very generic and I know for a fact that I've seen those images; the girl, the shoes, I've seen them on other covers, and people know how that frustrates me, much the reason why Cover #6, the old US edition is last, because it's actually a stock image and I see the same cover everywhere on different books, as well as it being very boring, very plain and very uninteresting. These last two covers were just very unimpressive to me, but the colours on Cover #5 beat the colours used on Cover #6 and therefore was rated higher in the end.

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about this order? Would you change it? Have you read the book? What cover do you have or wish you had? Get involved, leave your comments down below and let me know what you think. Also, if anyone has any cover ideas they'd like us to feature, let us know that too, we're always open to ideas.


  1. I like #1 and #6 the best, they're so different but are both quite lovely :)
    I least like #4. No particular reason, I just don't like it.
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess

    1. I am in love with the first cover, I so wish I had that edition to match my edition of Just Listen, such a shame! :(
      I have to agree with cover 4, it's just so, bland and boring, they could have done much better covers than this.
      Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. I like #1 the best and #6 the least.

    1. Very much the same taste you and I. Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. I like #1 a lot too... although it does remind me of the UK cover of Just Listen which I HATE!!! It's weird how it works for this book and not for Just Listen for me. I love the revamped covers of all her US books. This one is prob my least favorite of the bunch, but I still think it's cute.... and it goes with all the other ones nicely :)

    1. How come you don't like the UK cover of Just Listen? Is it the girl on the front of the cover that puts you off? Cover #4 does match the other US revamps, and I agree, it just does like nice together, but on it's own it's a little plain for me :)

  4. Great pick this week. I have to admit that #1 is my favourite out of them all. It matches a lot of the other books or hers that I have seen. I love all the different images coming out like they are music.

    1. Me too, that's why I love it so much; it matches, it's cute, it's relevant and it's so damn cute with the black or white background; I so wish I could build my collection with those covers, it'd be so lovely!


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