Sunday 16 March 2014

The Liebster Blog Awards!

So firstly I want to say what a big big honour it is to be nominated, specially since I've had to take a lot of time away from my blog for personal reason, internet changes and busy days with my little girl. I would like to thank  Book Badger very much, who didn't know but since getting back into blogging after nearly a year away, I've tried to make my blog something worthy of a Liebster nomination and I'm glad that at least one person thinks so. I've never ever been the most organized, I've never been good at explaining how I feel about anything (My OH is convinced I'm autistic in some way) but after coming across a book blog I thought I would give it a shot. I've had many blogs when I was younger, sometimes it was easier to tell people who didn't know me how I felt than real life people, but I never dreamed about starting up a book blog of myself. 

I know I miss reviews, and I fall way behind, but I'm I'm proud of my little blog and what I've managed to do, I know sometimes it doesn't seem like I'm actually trying but I am. I try to post comments and read as many reviews as I can, I try to write as many too, but sometimes it just gets on top of me. I currently have about 6 reviews that need doing so I'll have to do them at the weekend.

anyway, thank you again for Amanda aka Book Badger, I fell in love with her blog the minuet I came across it and it makes it all the more special that the nomination came by her :)

The Rules

1) Make sure you thank and link back the person who nominated you. 
2) List 11 facts about yourself. 
3) Answer the 11 questions put forward by whoever nominated you. 
4) Ask 11 new questions to 9 bloggers.
They must have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin' (or there preferred method). 
You cannot re-nominate the blog that nominated you. 
5) Go to their blog and inform them that they have been nominated!

Fact one:
I'll start of with one of the easiest ones about me, one that all my family and friends know. I'm extremely obsessive, as in when I start a series I like to have them all before so I can read them all in a row. I did it with Vampire Academy books, which funny enough I didn't like to start off with, but when I gave the second book a try I ended up reading it all in row. Another reason (possibly the biggest reason) for being obsessive is when I'm watching a film or a TV program and I recognise someone but cant remember who it is, I have to search it there and then because it frustrates me and I can't focus on anything but that. Know I know everyone gets that way from time to time, but they don't end up searching the internet for two days straight to find the name of a film they could only remember the littlest bit of (as they fell asleep) and feeling a sense of relief the moment they found it on Amazon (after searching through all the films that came out the same year/genre) yeah.. it's one of the reason's my oh thinks I'm autistic in one way or another.

Fact Two
I'm going to be cheeky and nick Amanda's (Book Badger) fact about her name. Just like Amanda I was originally going to be called something different, Crystal. Now that wouldn't be that bad but my last name is Ball, so you could see why that would be a problem (I got teased enough in school for my last name). My mum is a bit slow shall we say, I love her to pieces but she's not the sharpest knife in the draw (or what ever the saying) so it wasn't until people pointed out why naming me Crystal would be a bad idea did she change to Stacie (still to this day she wishes she called me it though). Another fun little fact about my name is I'm named after this famous actor Mr Stacy Keach (you may know him from such this as the Warden in Prison break). My older sisters are named Lisa Marie and Sara, named after Lisa Marie Presley (my mum has the biggest obsession with Elvis), and Sara  Dylan after Bob Dylan's wife ( my dad's obsession with Bob Dylan). Even my brother was originally suppose to have Aaron in his name because of Elvis (my dad changed it when he went to register him HAHA) and I get stuck with a man's name. I don't know what I would have preferred more haha

Fact three
I have 6 tattoo's, 2 of which are book related. I have the Deathly Hallow symbol on my arm for Harry Potter and I have a recurring picture on both picture on two of my favourite series of Darren Shan on the top of my spine in between my shoulder blades, the reason behind both of these (as I've said many time to those who will listen) is that I never read for pleasure until I was around 12 and first picked up the Harry Potter Series and had The Saga Of Darren Shan forced upon me, I am so grateful for both of those books because without them I really would not be the person I am today.

Fact four
Bit of a random one, but while my two sisters were working at the London Book Fair last year, they were convinced they had met my twin. She had the same name, was born a week after me (her due date was the same), her ex was even called the same, she looked like me, had a toddler (but a boy), was dyslexia (I tried tell my sisters that I wasn't but they keep telling me that I am) and was in to all the same type of books, and more. I found it very strange to think there was someone out there who was my doppelganger, but then I wish I would have met her, at least I would have someone who understood why I do the things I do :P (joking, I don't think the similarities run that deep). I'm actually working at the London Book Fair with my sisters this year, so hold this space because if she's working it too, I'll tell you how it went haha

Fact Five
For those of you who haven't read my About Me or I haven't told, I have a 4 year old daughter. She turned 4 last week and she is such a character. When I found out I was pregnant I was only 20 years old and really didn't ever see myself having kids. A lot of people told me I couldn't do it and that they didn't think I was ready to be a mum and at times I believed them, they didn't think that me and her dad would last either because it all happened so quick, but we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary in a few months and we have faced more that most couples my age have and come at stronger. I don't always know what I'm doing with her, I'm still learning, but no one has ever had a bad word to say about her or any criticism towards us, if anything all we ever hear is how well mannered she is, how she's grown up lovely ad that we are doing a great job.  So we must me doing something right :)

Fact Six
I cant spell, I am terrible. I use spell checker for everything and don't know what I would do if most internet browsers didn't come with it these days. I'm always getting words mixed up and finding it hard to remember what the word that I'm trying to say sounds like, and it really upsets me sometimes. At times its the silliest things that I cant spell, like this morning when I was helping Caitlyn with her little bit of homework I couldn't remember the word imitate and kept trying to say intimidate, then I couldn't remember how to spell roof because I couldn't remember if it was two f's or two o's so I had to ask my partner, I mean honestly these are things that I should know. So on the off chance that you find a spelling mistake on my blog, just ignore it please. Sometimes things just slip through.

Fact Six.
My mother is Irish and my Dad is from Durham,UK. Now this fact would be that impressive if it wasn't fallowed by this: they met at a bus stop. Yep...a bus stop.. bloody romantic way to meet someone, don't you think? well it might have been back in the day if it wasn't fallowed by light stalking and pestering on my dads behalf haha. My mum has joked many times that she should have got on the bus instead of standing around and talking to him, but that's just because they have a very love hate relationship shall we say. They bicker with one another a lot but that's because they are an old (not like 70 old, but 56 and 61 kinda of old) married couple, so it makes sense.

Fact Seven. 
When I was younger I could not pronounce penguin, I don't know what was so difficult about that stupid word but I couldn't for the life of me get it out and ended up sounding Jamaican. my ''friends' took the mickie out of me for a long long time and made me feel worse about, to the point where I just would not say it at all. I also for a long time sounded like I had an Irish accent. I would go over to Ireland with my mum maybe 3 times a year when I was younger, and when I got back from being there for a week I would sound different. I think though my voice/accent is just ever changing as I've been told I sounded Australian in my later life too haha.

Fact Eight
I love mash potato, chicken pie, ice cream and crisps, obviously not all at the same time but these are the 4 things that stop me from ever being skinny. I can't help it, I love food way too much. I used to have a really low self esteem as I've put on a lot of weight since having my little girl. but I really don't care anymore. My partner Glenn loves me for who I am and regardless of what size I am so I'm not really that bothered what people think anymore, and I feel better in my self for it.

Fact Nine
I am the most easiest person to buy for, like ridiculously considering I hate people spending money on my. But I tend to wear my passions on my sleeves. Saying that though, just because i'm easy to buy for doesn't mean for one second that many people know me properly

Fact Ten
I get very uncomfortable when people compliment me and instantly try and turn it around on to them, how great they are or  something like that. Even though I mean what I say, I know it comes across as false. I say things without thinking and end up offending a lot of people because of the way I've said things, then have to back tract and put it differently, I cant help that it comes out the way it does its just my brain telling me to say it one way. I'm clumsy, I'm silly, I don't have the best of memory and I really really don't do well in big groups of people or confrontational situations.I hate being put on the spot and cant lie very well, I panic when I'm nervous and I am very socially awkward at times. But I wouldn't change me for a second.

Fact 11.
My little girl is obsessed with the film Frozen, and that would have no bearing on me but I'm using that as a fact because right now she is asking me to sit and play with the dolls, so I'll have to come back to this pretty soon, and like I said, even though this fact isn't directly about me it fits right in my life, the only time I get to myself to blog properly is when she's asleep, but the problem with that is that because my other half is a doorman at night time I really on get the nights he's working because I like to spend the time with him when he's not. So what I'm trying to say is, my blogging is a lot of stopping and starting and coming back to it. I currently have 6 reviews that I need to type up and I'm hoping to get done by the end of the week. So lets see if I can do this :)

The Questions as picked by Book Badger

1) What was the first book you ever reviewed?
Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (link), I wanted to read it for a long long time mainly for the cover alone, but because it came out when I was pregnant, and not reading much, I didn't get around to picking it up. Then I went from reading every day to reading may 10 books for the first year that Caitlyn was born, so I found it harder. Needless to say I finally picked the book up, and was disappointed that I didn't like it as much as I had hoped. I know a lot of people love it, a close friend of mine included, but its just not for me sadly.

2) What do you do when you're not blogging?
playing with this little terror and doing normal mummy duties, cleaning, watching films and TV shows with my other half (we love nothing more than lazying about on the sofa watching a film or two at night), spend time with my family. For a long time I didn't have the best relationship with my family but I'm very thankful to say that that's changed. Pretty boring stuff to be honest ;)

3) What is your favourite meal? Homemade or Restaurant?
Hmmm that's a hard one. My other half is a very good cook so I love anything he makes. I'm very very partial to spicy chicken enchiladas though haha, as far as restaurants go I would say KFC, I haven't had it in like 2-3 years but I do love it. That or Nandos. Can you tell I love Chicken yet? :P

4) Who are your 3 recommended authors?
I know I'm only allowed to pick 3, but thats just not going to happen. So bare with me haha. 
Young Adult Contemporary: Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer E. Smith, John Green, Sarah Dessen. Young Adult Paranomal/Magic/Horror: Darren Shan, J.K. Rowling, Richelle Mead. 
Young Adult Dystopia: Leigh Bardugo, Rick Yancey, Veronica Roth, Tahereh Mafi 
Adult Contemporary: Cecelia Ahern ,Jodi Picoult

5) Would you say you're book buying was acceptable, a little too much or shocking?
acceptable, consider it was shocking when I was younger, but back then I only had myself and if I wanted to spend all my money on books I could. I was never one for going out, me and my best friend of the time spent an awful amount of hours sitting in my bed room watching films or at the cinema, when I got to 18 I never really drank, it wasn't until I was around 19 that I started to properly go out and spend my money on something other than books. An example of my excessive spending was just after I turned 18 and got my first paycheck, I went to the book store at lunch time and got two books Grass for His Pillow & Brilliance of the Moon which is the 2nd and 3rd in a Young Adult historical series by Lian Hearn. With a gift card for the Christmas just gone I had got a few book including the first in that series. It took my a while to finish it, but I liked it so when I saw the 2nd and 3rd book in the book store months after, I decided I must have them. Well not content with getting those books (as well as 2 others) I went after work and got Heaven's Net is Wide which is the prequel to the triolgy. I was very disappointed that I couldn't get the sequel The Harsh Cry of the Heron as well and decided after getting of the train to look in the bookstore in my local town, low and behold they had it so I got that book completing my series (and another book haha). That day I spent around £70/80 on books. Now that wouldn't be so bad for me, if the books to the series weren't still sitting on my self unread. (7 years old). goes back to what I said about obsessive haha

6) What is/are some of your favourite songs to listen to?
Hmm another hard one for me, I love love love music, in pretty much all shapes and sizes. But my favourite type would have to be Rock/Indie/Pop and anything that's played on magic (a uk radio station). When I'm blogging, I find listening to the likes of Shinedown to be rather soothing :)

7) Name your lowest rated book you've reviewed; why didn't you enjoy it?
I would say Taking Chances by Molly McAdams . I could sit here and go into great detail as to why I didn't enjoy it, but I think I was already harsh enough with my review lets just say it really wasn't for me. I was looking forward to it and thought I would love it, sadly it just had too many flaws for me to look past.

8) If you had £10,000 or $10,000, what would you do first?
6 year ago I would have told you that I would buy family and friends gift and get a massive bookcase in my room (one the size of my wall with an old library ladder) and fill the shelf's up. Because its has always been a dream of mine to own a book case that fills one wall. Now? I would pay of debt, buy my family things and maybe have a nice little holiday somewhere.

9) What kind of holiday would you prefer? Relaxing Beach or Sight-Seeing City?
sight-seeing. Without a doubt. Don't get me wrong, I would like to relax too, but how can you go to another country and spend your whole time on a beach? explore the local architecture and buildings with stories. Maybe its just me, but I have a thing about old buildings haha

10) What are your interests besides reading?
spending time with my family, as like I said we didn't have the best of relationship for a while, spending time with Caitlyn of course & cuddling on the sofa with my OH. I also am rather partial to video games haha

11) If you could have or create any job in the world, what would you like to do?
10 year ago I would have said working in waterstone or books ect (don't know if that's still around) purely for the fact that it used to drive me crazy to go to the counter and the person serving me having a face like a slapped ass. Or seeing books in the wrong places, I couldn't leave the book stores until I had put ever book back its rightful place that I came across and I used to comment how I would be in my element working there. 5 years ago I would have told you to work in a library, and some part of me would still love that but now? that would be working in a nursery.

My nominees are:

Pamela D at Reading Is Fun Again
M over at Backlist Books
El over at So Bookalicious
Cora over at Tea Party Princess
Abigal over at Abbz and Books

The reason I am picking these is because I just find them to be so friendly and without a doubt deserving of a nomination. They always go out of their way to comment back to people and I love their blogs, it's a wonder they all have under 200 people fallowing them because more and more people should know about them
So that is why I'm nominating them :)
( I would also like to point out that if she hadn't of nominated me, Amanda would have without a doubt been up there too :)..)

My questions to the nominees

1.Do you believe in true love or love at first sight?
2.What do you do when you're having a bad day? 
3.Is there something you're looking forward to this month? 
4.Do you think that you have made a difference in someone's life? 
5.If you could see any band that is now broken up, what band what it be?
6.How did you get one of your scars?
7.If the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?
8.If you could be a superhero what would you want to do?
9.Are you someone who worries too often?
10.Do you still talk to the person you fell hardest for?
11. what character fro a book would you say you relate to the most and why?

As you can see, the questions aren't exactly book related. that's is for 2 reason. One I am no good at coming up with questions and borrowed some from other quizzes and two, I think everything you need to know about most bloggeres that are directly associated with books is easy to find on there blog, its the personal question about who they are that you don't see much of. So I picked questions (all baring one) that had nothing to do with books.

Feel free to change them to whatever you life if you for some reason don't want to answer a certain question. :)


  1. I'm so glad I nominated you Stacie, and you relaly do put a lot of effort in Books Galore, you can tell, you take your time, your reviews are honest and you're always really personal and friendly, whats not to love?! I wish I could say something to everything, but I totally agree with you on the holiday, why would you laze about when you're in a whole different country?! You're name fact also made me laugh, I'm sorry, but that would have been a fantastic name and your parents sound like very dedicated fans too. I really glad you like my blog too, but this is your time to shine and you deserve every moment, so be proud and keep going Stacie :D

    1. thank you, really. Its nice to know that even though I've struggled to get my blog in order someone thinks I'm doing ok.

      Well if I wanted to laze about on a beach I would go somewhere for that and just stay in the hotel the whole time, bloody boring if you ask me.

      LOL you can think that, it wouldn't be you called it :P. They are, my mum especially. She's taken great pleasure in telling me and my siblings that if we ever sold her Elvis collection (which must be worth thousands) she would haunt us for the rest of our life haha

      Well I'm glad you like it :), as long as one person does it doesn't matter about the rest haha

  2. Aww, thank you so much!! :'D It's so nice of you, Stacie! I have this smile on my face right now while typing :) Will answer your questions + facts next week! And your daughter is beautiful <333

    1. you are very much welcome, you deserve it :) & thank you, I think so too but I may be a little biased ;). looking forward to your post.

  3. Stacie!!! I finally finished my Liebster post! Dude, I'm so sorry it took me FOREVER. I would literally open the post, answer or come up with like one question, then get stuck. This is hard! Also figuring out who to nominate because there are so many great blogs out there! Anyway, I finally finished and thank you thank you thank you for nominating me!

    Here's my post.

    Oh, also, I was going to ask you a favour. I am terrible at remembering to visit blogs on a regular basis, and don't really use my RSS feed. Would you consider adding the "subscribe by email" widget to your blog so that I can make sure not to miss posts?? Every time I stop by I realize I've missed like 10 and get mad at myself for not remembering to visit!! :)

    1. Hahah well done :P. Don't be sorry silly, it takes as long as it takes. you are very much welcome, it was well deserved :)

      Having a look now at the post :)

      Hahah its ok, I think I need to do the same with yours and others as I'm the same. Its done now :)

    2. Thank you! Subscribed. ;)

  4. Hi Amanda and Stacie, I've nominated you guys for a Liebster Award on my blog :) Check it at if you are interested to participate :)


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