Thursday 13 March 2014

Who Wore It Better #5 - No and Me

Who Wore It Better is a meme created and hosted by Nitzan at The Book Babes Read and co-hosted here on Beautiful Bookish Butterflies by Amanda and Stacie. We don't talk about clothing or fashion and we definitely don't talk frills and spills, we talk books and their covers and who we think has the best. As some people may have noticed, Nitzan is on a hiatus so she can just take some her time and not worry about Drugs Called Books as much, so Amanda decided to continue posting and chose the covers of a book she read quite recently, a standalone, No and Me, by Delphine de Vigan.

The Covers

Cover #1 - International Hardback Edition
Cover #2 - UK Paperback Edition
Cover #3 - German Edition
Cover #4 - Finnish Edition
Cover #5 - Lithuanian Edition
Cover #6 - Spanish Edition
Cover #7 - US Edition
Cover #8 - French Edition

My Thoughts

Once again, I went a little overboard this week with covers and chose eight of my favourites, but to be fair, there's a lot more eight, so we could have been here all day, but I narrowed it. Cover #1, the International edition, however, how international is still unknown is my favourite for the simple fact of it being the first cover for this book I ever saw. I found the colours absolutely beautiful, the font just as beautiful and the actual cover being of the house in the dark with one small section highlighted brightly really reflects what's inside this book, the darkness and light, and even the tagline is just- perfect. Cover #2, the UK edition, I really really love too, and I really think if I'd seen this cover first, I may never have been interested in No and Me in the first place; while it's elegant, simple and has the real Parisian feel with the lamppost, it doesn't speak to me on the same level as Cover #1. The same goes for Cover #3, the German edition, it's beautiful and damaged, exactly the same as the story within, and I love the font style here too, but there's just something a little generic about it; it's so pretty, just not as gripping. Cover #4, the Finnish edition really plays on the relationship between Lou and No, the little things like how they connected, how they cared for one another and how they used to lay, exactly as the cover shows, on the floor in No's bedroom, just talking about nothing. It shows one of the biggest features in this story; the feature of acceptance and friendship, I just don't particularly like the style. Cover #5, the Lithuanian edition doesn't really seem to fit the story to some passing by, but as somebody who's read the story, I know just important those shoes are to Lou and what they mean. Cover #6, Mr Spanish edition can appear to be one of the plainest covers in the collection, but there's something I find quite alluring and intriguing about the cover, the simplicity of it, and the font in the background is quite eye-catching. Cover #7, the US edition doesn't really speak to me at all; it feels like the kind of cover you'd find on a young-adult book contemporary, a book of love between teenagers and that's not what this book is about; I find it very misleading, and finally, Cover #8, the French edition, which is quite ironic when you think about it, is in last place, and that's just because, quite frankly, it's boring, plain and not interesting.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of these covers? Do you feel the same, or do you prefer another one to me? Or do you prefer a cover that's not been featured? Would you change the order of them if it were you? Leave you're thoughts and comments down below.


  1. I really like 1, 2 and 6. While number 1 is more abstract 2 is definitely my favourite. I prefer scenery in my covers and what's better than Paris? Number 6 is also very attractive to me. Great meme. I love looking though different editions of books.


    1. I agree with you, cover #2 is really quite beautiful and very Paris esk. Thank you lovely! :D

  2. Great post Amanda! :)

    My favourite is definitely number 1, but I also like 2 and 3.

    1. Thank you Ebony, they are most definitely my favourites too!

  3. This is a really great post, Amanda! Thanks for putting it together. I'd have to go with #1 and #4. Their colors really just compliment each other and it's the kind of cover that would catch my attention right away if ever I walk into a library/bookstore.

    Faye @ The Social Potato

    1. Thank you Faye! :) I have to agree, they are the brightest and most vibrant of the lot I think, wonderful covers.

  4. I really like 1 & 2. Two was the first cover I saw for this book and I just associate it with the book now. I hadn't seen 1 before but I love it.

    1. I think you do connect with the first cover you see, especially when it's so pretty, it's completely understandable :)
      I love a lot of the covers this week, it's hard not to. Thank you for visiting lovely!


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