Saturday 12 April 2014

Bookish Musings - A Commitment to Series

Bookish Musings is a feature here at Beautiful Bookish Butterflies that allows one of us to share our thoughts and opinions, talk and discuss things happening in the book and blogging community or share a personal book related issue we have. Today, Amanda is extending her earlier conversation about her relationship with series and failing to continue them, as well as taking it a step further by making a commitment..

A few weeks ago, we had a little chat about my series relationship and I think we all came to an agreement that we're all not very good at making commitments to series. We start them and leave them, or we never even start them, and sometimes we just ditch them because they're not for us, and I realised I had a seriously bad case of series anti-commitment. That's where this post comes in. Today, I'm going to make a commitment to series and choose a handful of series that I want to start that are either complete or almost complete, and I will do my best with the help of my local libraries to complete them by the end of the year. I'm fully aware of the high chance of failure, but I'm going to try anyway. The following are some options I will choose from. I won't be able to complete them all..

The Lunar Chronicles - Marrisa Meyer

I have been nagged, encouraged, told and threatened by people to start this series, and I have good news, I'm playing on trying to take out Cinder and Scarlet from one my local libraries either this month or next. I know, I'll finally be reading The Lunar Chronicles and checking out the fuss. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that a library gets a copy of Cress before the year is up too. This is a high priority series and I'm hoping I can do it.

Legend - Marie Lu

This is another series that I've been encouraged to start and read, and it's only since I've seeing the first two available in my libraries that I've been pushed. Sadly, I've not seen Champion yet, however, there's still eight and half months in which it may appear, so I'm holding out hope the series to be available. This series is at least complete and while it's not hugely high on the list, it is a series I keep considering.

Curse Workers - Holly Black

I've heard very little about this series, other than some bloggers I really trust have enjoyed them and rated them pretty highly, and that the covers are gorgeous. I've been meaning to start this series for over a year, but after a recent nosey on my local libraries, I found and located White Cat and saw that the others are available to take out too, so starting and finishing this series should be a doddle for me. Here's hoping I enjoy while I make my way through them.

Graceling Realm - Kristin Cashore

Once again, this is another series I've seen around the libraries, and I've already gone and bitten the bullet with this series too and taken out Graceling and Fire, so I'm really hoping they're enjoyable reads, and of course, I'll locate Bitterblue somewhere and finish this trilogy, and for once, the UK covers are actually pretty darn beautiful.

Under The Never Sky - Veronica Rossi

As of right now, my library only has the first two in this trilogy, however, I'm fairly confident that they'll get Into the Still Blue in during the year, and this is a series I've been slowly feeling a pull towards. I've heard the survival story is strong, the friendship is pretty amazing, and that the romance is both sweet and strong, so I'm officially tempted by the thought of trying the series. I am however, not a huge fan of these covers, dang the UK.

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

I've had this post prepared for a bout two weeks now, and in those upcoming two weeks, I already started this series with The Hunger Games and it's fair to say that if I didn't have the sequel, and if I wasn't making this commitment, I probably would never have finished it, but I plan to see this series through and see if it improves. There's plenty of room for improvement and plenty of room to grow, so I'm waiting to see if Collins will take advantage of that.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan

I'll let you get the fury of those covers out of your system. I know, the UK seriously failed when it came to cover art and model of Percy, please, don't shout at me. Now that's sorted, I've constantly been nagged to read this by all most everyone, for years. I remember seeing The Lightning Thief in the pictures and really enjoying it, only to be told I was wrong and that it was a rubbish film and nothing like the books and lardy dardy dar.. In the end, I put off reading the series because I was judged for enjoying the film, but after doing a Who Wore It Better with Nitzan on the covers, being pushed by actual book lovers and not film haters to try it, I'm actually going to bite the bullet and give it a go. This should be the easiest of the lot to complete.

I'm open to any other ideas or recommendations and I'm more than willing to look them up and see the availability, so if you've got any you think would be good for me to commit to, give your thoughts. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think you'll do it too? Could you see a series through to the end even if you don't like it hugely?



    ooh i still need to finish graceling, lunar chronicles and start legend. UTNS is pretty good, but the first instalment is pretty bad so don't give up! :)

    awesome post, girl! <33

    1. That's me told isn't it? I'm definitely on the look out for the Lightning Thief over the next few weeks, so that should be soon. I'm reading Graceling now and it's really quite good, so I'm excited to continue with it, and The Lunar Chronicles is so exciting! Thank you Mel! :D

  2. My two cents':
    Lunar Chronicles is a MUST
    Graceling: take your time; it's deep and dense
    Percy Jackson: fun brain candy
    Hunger Games: it doesn't get any better from the 1st book
    Legend: that last book is painful

    Oh, and by the way, come check out my post today: you've been nominated!

    1. I'm definitely getting with the Lunar Chronicles soon, and I'm taking Graceling slowly at the moment, and I think it's brilliant! I'm a little gutted that The Hunger Games doesn't get much better, but I'll see where it takes me anyway, and I'm a little worried over Legend now, but Percy Jackson should be fun. Thank you so much for the nomination hun, it means a lot to me :D

  3. I really want to do a post like this, I've seen quite a few people shaming themselves about their progress with series. I am really terrible for this and should really commit to starting/finishing at least ten of them this year.

    Of your list:

    1. Need to read, have all three out from work so NEED to get to them.
    2. Legend - have read all three and quite enjoyed them all. I did feel like the ending of book three was a little soap opera-ish though.
    3. Curse Workers - Never heard of that one I don't think, looks good.
    4. Graceling - Have borrowed all three from work, still haven't got to it.
    5. Under the Never Sky - I adored this series, hope you get to it soon because I would love to see what you make of it.
    6. The Hunger Games - LOVE IT!!! You didn't seem to though and book two is very good, but most people say they don't like book three.
    7. Percy Jackson - Really need to read these, have heard so many great things.

    I'd suggest His Dark Materials ;) for obvious reasons.

    1. I only realised how shocking I was when I did my relationship with series post, it really made me think! You should totally do a post about it, encourages you to make that commitment. I'm so excited to read The Lunar Chronicles and I haven't taken them out yet! I'm glad you enjoyed Legend and Under the Never Sky, gives me hope for them, and I haven't started The Curse Workers yet but I have White Cat so that'll be soon. I was middle ground with The Hunger Games, and I'm continuing on, so hopefully Catching Fire is better than The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson is exciting. I'll take note of His Dark Materials, might be a good choice ;)

  4. I have to respectfully disagree with Maricel about The Hunger Games. I think Catching Fire is the best book of the trilogy! The Hunger Games could've been a stand alone book about a brief, harrowing experience. In Catching Fire the story expands into so much more!
    I have the opposite problem with series. I'm such a completionist that I burn myself out reading a series in one fell swoop!

    1. I'm actually interested to see whether Catching Fire will improve the series for me, and I'm hoping so, but the divided opinion is actually quite good because it makes me feel less as bad if I don't like it. I wish I was a completionist..

  5. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. The last book just came out.

    1. I've just checked the online library checker and they don't have them at all.. *cries*
      I've been considering that series for quite some time, so if I manage to gather any spare money together, I'll definitely be putting Daughter of Smoke and Bone on the list of ones to try and buy. Thanks Lyn! :)


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