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Book Review - Keep The Faith

Keep the Faith
Author: Candy Harper
Series: Faith #2
Genres: Contemporary | Childrens, Young Adult
Release Date: 24th April 2014
Publishers: Simon and Schuster
No. Pages: 288
Source: Review Copy - Simon and Schuster
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Get ready for boy dilemmas, friendship dramas and madcap grannies - Faith is back!

Will Faith make up her mind between the gorgeous Finn and the lovely Ethan and manage to get herself a real-life boyfriend?
Will Mrs Cox finally get off her case and recognise Faith's true genius?
Will Faith's family learn how to be normal, non-embarrassing people?
Will Faith and her BFFs beat the world record for number of biscuits eaten in a minute?
All these questions and more will be answered in the hilarious next installment of this brilliant series!

The following review may contain spoilers concerning earlier books in the series.
If you have not read the previous installments, please proceed with caution.

When I compare Keep the Faith to Have a Little Faith, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with the outcome. After the roller-coaster of laughs and humour I experienced in the first installment, the second book didn't have that quality as much, and focused much more on the relationship, which was quite frankly very lackluster and had me wondering where humourous and redheaded vixen Faith had actually gone. As if that wasn't bad enough, Harper gave me one of the biggest most unexpected turn of events in the last few pages that I felt myself close to tears, however, whether that was down to the story or the 3 and a half hours sleep I'd had in 24 hours, I still don't have a clue.

Now don't get me wrong, when the humour was around in Keep the Faith, it was around in abundance; Faith's family had a far more humourous crack in them in this installment, and Faiths friends, specifically Lily and Angharad, had huge amounts of character development and where really up on the comebacks with Faith, but I admit I was a little down-hearted when Megs character was glued to Cameron for most of the story, and when she wasn't, she was focusing on her Grammys's health, however, her friendship with Faith was of the much less humourous style and much on being support for one another, and keeping each other anchored, which I did come to appreciate the further on I read. In fact, as I was reading the book, it became apparent that this installment was much more heavily focused on families, friends, the support network they provide and maturing and growing up, which in year 10, is no doubt the place to start. When Faith was completely herself, her sarcasm and humour was second to none;
I got a text from Granny this evening. It said, "I'm outside." It completely creeped me out.
I could have her arrested for harassment.
-and it brought me back to Have a Little Faith, and the Faith I'd fallen in love with, the simplest of moments in the story would have me actually laughing out loud at 1am in the morning and the wonderful connection she formed to people she would have avoided previously was fantastic too. I'm not going to deny that Faith was quite flawed in Keep in the Faith, she was very self-absorbed and considered herself before others, at least in the first three quarters of the novel, and I was glad to see the back of some of that Faith's qualities.

I also confess I didn't quite enjoy the plot of this installment as much as it's predecessor either; it felt like I was reading and reading on occasions rather than enjoying he reading experience like I had done previously, and I genuinely believe that was down the relationship aspect. I won't give anything major away about the relationship, but Faith's dismissal of Ethan's feelings began to frustrate me, and her attitude towards Finn frustrated me even more, I wanted to reach into the book and slap her silly, and I commend Harper's writing talent in being able to make me feel the emotions I felt about the scenario, but that didn't mean I enjoyed it. Some of the book felt repetitive, always meeting and Juicy Lucy's, always the 'snogging', but other parts of the book, the none relationship parts were utterly wonderful. I enjoyed reading about Faith's relationship with her Mum, Dad and Sam, and even with her Granny, the days they spent together and the time they spent doing family things, it really helped Faith's character development and gave her an extra level that wasn't about humour or comebacks, but about love and appreciation, and her job hunt was also a stepping stone for her; and I really loved the changes she went through alongside the plot.

In the end, I enjoyed Keep the Faith less than Have a Little Faith. I was operating on little sleep and admit that could have been one the causes for my lack of adoration, but I do truthfully believe it was the too much involved boring relationship and slightly lacking humour, however, what I did enjoy I enjoyed a lot, and the distress I felt once I'd finished is a guarantee that as soon as the third installment, which I'm placing bets on being call 'Leap of Faith', is released, I will be snapping it up and begging for a happy ending, because my girl Faith needs a happy ending.


  1. It's always sad when a sequel doesn't grab you as much as the first did and it happens to me almost always. I think I keep my expectations too high or something >.< It does sound like it's far from being a failure though it just sounds like the author decided to focus on different things an develop the relationships which maybe didn't grab you as much as the author was hoping. I always feel about how you did when I don't really connect to a certain relationship - romantic or familial etc. And aww she dismisses his feelings? The word snogging will always bring me back inside Harry Potter :D Yes I'm writing this review as I read could you tell? Lol plus it's 1am here so my brain is liquifying!

    1. Keep the Faith definitely wasn't a flop, it was just different I think. I could definitely tell Giselle, but that's fine, and yes, it was quite painful to see my ship being smashed by one of those in the ship, but she did see some sense in the end, thank god! I really loved the tone of this with the 'snogging' and such, made it so light hearted and fun, definitely worth a shot :)

  2. What a cute cover!! Aw, sorry to hear it didn't live up to the first book, though. Hopefully all the humour and romance will be back for you in the third!

    1. I love the covers in this series, they're simple but really wonderful!
      I'm so excited to see which direction the third book will, so here's hoping the humour is there :)

  3. I really hate when you fall in love with a book and then the sequel is a let down, and it happens far to often. I've had that with quite a few books lately. I did love the sound of Have a Little Faith but I might wait till the third ones out before I start them. That way I can see if you enjoy the third one and think it's worth a read, I hate starting series that just get worse as they go along. Hopefully the third book will provide more laughs, humour and a happy ending! :)

    1. I do think it might be worth waiting for the third book, because each of the books take place over school terms, so the first is between September and December, the second between January and April, so the third will be the rest of the year and it'd be fun to read them all together I think. I counting an a happy ending so desperately! :)

  4. It always sucks when a sequel isn't as good as its predecessor. I'm glad you still found this to be enjoyable, though! It seems as though everything has been 'turned down' a little, but it's still good.

    Great review <33

    1. It does a little, makes the wait a little more bearable though, so that's a bonus.
      It may have been a little more, placid and mundane, but I still enjoyed it none the less, thank you Celine! :)


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