Thursday 16 January 2014

Who Wore It Better #1 - Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Who Wore It Better is a meme created and hosted by Nitzan at The Book Babes Read and co-hosted here on Beautiful Bookish Butterflies by Amanda and Stacie. We don't talk about clothing or fashion and we definitely don't talk frills and spills, we talk books and their covers and who we think has the best. This week, Amanda's talking about the covers for Daughter of Smoke and Bone, the first book of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. She hasn't yet read the series, but after admiring these covers, she's definitely planning on it..

The Covers

My Thoughts

In my post about covers I wish I could redesign, I mentioned the UK Paperback and complained about how it wasn't 'pretty', but after having read a little what the story is about, the cover in fact compliments the plot and the features in the story, so I've come to like that more than I did originally, while I also like the Czech edition because it feel very murky and mascaraedy, much like the USA Hardcover edition. They both feel very mysterious and dark and make me want to pick it up. The Czech edition also reminds me a lot of a style I use when I make my cards, the split cover looks very pretty. The three left, the UK Hardcover, the UK Tesco edition and the Malay edition all seem quite generic to me, but are also some of the prettier ones out there.

I think in the end, my favourite is a tie between the Czech edition and the UK Paperback, merely because I think the UK edition is honest to the story, while the Czech just makes me feel quite at home, I like the style and the front used for the title, even if I can't read it.

Your Thoughts

What is your favourite of the covers? Have you read the series? What did you think of it? I'm really interested in any reviews or anything positive you have on the series, so leave any links down below and don't forget to check out Nitzans post from last week, and look out for her post next week for the next mysterious set of covers.


  1. Great post Amanda! :)))
    Okay, so you have here a few covers for this series I haven't seen before! My least favorite is hands down the Malay paperback from this group. Now, as for the favorite... that's tough! I actually really really like the Tesco edition! I love the mysterious dark street, (bridge? hard to tell) and the smoke rising to the title. And the coloring is gorgeous! The UK paperback is actually my second favorite - and I love it even more now that I hear it fits the story (haven't read this series yet either lol but I will this year. The last one is also publishing this 2014 so it'll be easier to read them all together). The Czech one is interesting, but I'm not too fond of the way it's made (picture then split into white and title). I do like the lace it in, though! :)

    Great post, Amanda!

    1. Thanks Nitzan! :) I thought I should through in some less well known ones that I liked too, just to shake things up form being the covers everyone already knows! We should definitely keep an eye out for this series :)

  2. I loved this. Honestly, these covers are quite well-designed but I would go with the UK paperback. It's so beautiful. The colors are nice and I honestly haven't seen many covers like it in the YA genre. I really enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it.

    1. It is quite a different style to what I've seen; I think that's why I dismissed it quite early on.
      And there'll be more Who Wore It Better's every Friday, next weeks is over at Nitzans blog! :D

  3. I agree---I like the Czech one the most!

    Fab post! <33


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