Saturday 27 June 2015

The Unpopular Opinion Tag | Baa Baa Black Sheep

I'm an avid believer in reading books that other people maybe haven't quite shouted from the rooftops about, and that's all fine and dandy, but because of this, I don't tend to stray too far into hyped up territories. They're heavily guarded by dragons that require pieces of your soul to enter, and the people housed up in these hyped up areas, they're crazy and try drag you into their dangerous depths of looneyville, BUT, I have escaped from these territories and visited rival, smaller, and more calmer villages and farms, so today, with thanks to Charnell for tagging me, I'm going to introduce you to my black pet sheep. Baa..

1. A Popular Book/Series You Didn't Like. At All

The Winner's Curse was always a book I was completely and utterly convinced I wouldn't love, but I never for one moment expected to find it so dry, so boring and so unappealing. Kestrel just - ugh, I really couldn't with that girl, did I read a different book to everyone else? The Immortal Rules really broke my heart when I didn't love it, it was just - meh. Nothing felt as amazing as I had expected, although I do have the sequels; guess who's going to be punishing herself soon.. And don't even get me started on The Infinite Sea, I'm genuinely convinced everybody who loved that book is crazy. WHAT EVEN IS THAT BOOK? Nothing happened. Nothing made sense. It was so damn boring. You can guarantee I'll end up reading The Last Star though. * le sigh*

2. A Book/Series Everyone Hates, But You Adore

Both Thirteen and Spiders are some super duper books and I haven't a clue how more people don't like it. Cults people, physco, unhinged, crazy cults with lots of action, lots of twists and development galore, come on guys, it's so goooood. Talking of great reads, I don't understand the hate for Riot and Bomb one iota. Sure, the writing is like marmite, but the actual plot and storylines, the emotions and the characters, they're so good, why you no like them? *cries* Made For You was complete unhinged craziness, and minus the whole 'knowing when people die' part, it's a really great mystery. Life Unaware has gotten a lot of stick lately because of it's bully bullied by another bully storyline, but you know what, it's a story with a great message, with a lot of development and some realistic emotions, sod the haters, I loved it.

Dare Me has to be one of the most twisted, complicated reads of 2014, but it's one I would willingly read over and over again. I can't believe, nor understand why it's not loved by more people, this book was amazing people, as is the same for Belzhar. Granted, I had a few squiffy issues with the whole Belzhar book and Jam's actual tragic event, but still, I cried, and that's something. Love and Other Unknown Variables was just - I can't comprehend. I balled my eyes out, my heart broke and I've loved little else as passionately as I do this book. People need to stop comparing every cancer story to John Green, he's not all that, and neither is TFiOS.

3. A Love Triangle Your Ship Lost or an OTP You Dislike

I wouldn't mind, but when I first started Vampire Academy, I didn't mind the romance between Rose and Dimitri - can't say I saw it for the steamy and sexy passion it was meant to be, but it definitely wasn't the worst I'd read. Then, the series fell apart. It relied too much on your shipping the ship, feeling the feels and being on the 'Rose&Dimitri5EVA' train and was not on board. Then it got damn crazy and weird in Blood Promise.. Come Spirit Bound, I'd packed my bags and left the station, I just couldn't go on. Not only did I dislike their OTP, but Adrian was a darling too, and way too good for Rose. I tried Bloodlines, couldn't get through that either. Meh.

4. A Book Genre You Rarely Reach For

I'm not a big sci-fi buff and I think it shows in the books I read. Its not that I'm not a fan -  a lot of my experiences (minus The 5th Wave obviously) have been positive, I just don't think it's a genre I look at and think 'mm, yes please'. I do have a few sci-fi books I plan to read in the future, All Our Yesterdays, Mindwalker and Pivot Point's sequel Split Second, but generally, I'm a little unaware of what's out there. If you've got some super recommendations, do share them with me.

5. A Popular, Beloved Character You Don't Like

Put down those pitchforks people, I don't dislike Percy, I just don't overly like him, at least, not anymore, and it's all your fault. I was more than happy with Percy in The Olympians, I liked his voice and his personality, and granted, I got a little tired and bored of him in Heroes of Olympus, but I don't dislike him, I dislike how irritated people where that it wasn't 'The Percy Show' in HoO. God forbid Riordan focus on other, interesting and well formed, well developed and fantastic characters more than Percy, and Annabeth. God forbid he write work that doesn't revolve around the same character, over and over again. God forbid Percy not be the be all and end all. I don't dislike Percy, you just made me dislike his presence. I fear a cameo in Magnus Chase..

6. A Popular Author You Can't Get Into

I doubt I'll ever read another Showalter book in my life. White Rabbit Chronicles has put me off for life.

7. A Popular Trope You're Sick of Seeing

Dude, even of having known each for a handful of days or weeks and just accept that you do not love him. You think he's attractive, or you think she's pretty fit, and her eyes are nice, or there's something alluring about him, but give over, love? Ha. Instalove is just a bad bad trope and it's shocking that it's still used. Of course you can like someone instantly, and authors have spent months, years with their characters, but we haven't, and it's bad form. Accept that in the long run of things, you probably just really like them, okay? Also, dragons.

8. A Popular Series You Have No Intention of Reading

I will eventually finish off reading The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments, but after them, that's it. I wipe myself clean of Clare's writing forever, including The Dark Artifices. It's not that I'm feeling sorry for that poor cow she's milking dry (although there's that too) I just think I've probably grown out of her work now. The Selection was a series I spent too long wondering about, and I've been told it's romance heavy and dystopia lost, therefore no thank you. You already know why I won't be touching Bloodlines in the future, and it shouldn't surprise you.

9. What Movie/TV Show Do You Like More Than The Book?

Excluding Mockingjay: Part 1 (which was a train-wreck of a film, ugh), I've enjoyed The Hunger Games on screen a lot more than I have the novels. There's nothing to say the novels aren't good, I quite enjoyed them too, and they progressively improved with every novel (unpopular opinion again), but the films, they were pretty darn amazing. I've watched Hunger Games/Catching Fire back-to-back and just thought 'wow, what a series', and I imagine Mockingjay: Part 2 with improve on Part 1. I'm definitely a fan.

Huge thanks to Charnell for tagging me to share my unruly opinions and break many peoples hearts for slamming their favourite books and characters, but if we all liked the same things, live would be pretty boring, am I right? In fact, I want to hear what Cait from Paper Fury, Zoey from Uncreatively Zoey, Lisa and Becca from Lost in Literature and Nova from Out of Time's unpopular opinions too, so consider yourselves tagged ladies.

Tell Me: What's Book Do You Love Than Other's Hate?


  1. Great tag! I tend read a lot of books that not a lot of people talk about or not talking about it at the moment. One of the books that I loved but majority of my friends on Goodreads hated is Poison Princess by Kresley Cole. I see why they hated it because I kind of hated those points as well but overall it was an amazing book for me mainly because of the plot.

    Haraiah @ Random Things In Action

    1. Thanks Haraiah! I've seen Poison Princess around, but I've never heard anything about it, so I guess I'll have to go have a mooch around Goodreads and see what I can dish up about. If the plot is good, who knows! ;)

  2. I've always wanted to do this tag because I have quite a few books that I didn't end up loving. How dare you hate on The Infinite Sea ;). The Infinite Sea is actually one of my favourites. I have seen so many people hate on it though. It's funny how everyone can have such different opinions of the same book.

    Sarah @The Reading Petal

    1. Oh no Sarah! I don't know what it was about Infinite Sea, I just couldn't comprehend it all, but that's most likely just me, enough people loved it, including yourself, so clearly it's a good book :)

  3. I totally just posted mine tonight. xD I loved some of your answers and totally agree with the Made For You love! IT IS INCREDIBLE. I was totally on the edge of my seat the whole time. (Okay, I totally was lounging on my bed...buuuut, mentally, I was on the edge of my seat. ehehe) I feel like this is a totally risky tag, because it's so much easier to keep unpopular opinions to oneself, right? Keeps the friends calm. XD Buuut, it's kind of nice to vent a bit and get it off one's chest. I have to admit I adore Percy and I think Cassandra Clare isn't "milking" anything, because it's her job! Writers write! XD BUUUUT I totally understand growing out of something. *nods* So good on you for being brave with all these opinions!

    1. Such fabulous timing clearly, we are obviously awesome ;) Made For You was such a good book yes, why do people not love it more? :( I agree, it's a risky tag indeed, but as long as we don't slam them, which you and I haven't, we should be fine.. Here's hoping anyway!

  4. YAY! You did it!!!! :)

    I loved The Winner's Curse, but then you already know that. It's a shame you didn't enjoy it at all because number two would probably work better for you, I didn't like it as much as book one but I think you'd prefer it.


    I'd be put off the Showalter books just because of the ugly covers! xD I can't help it, they're so awful.

    INSTALOVE IS THE WORST. And I hated Talon with a passion that is hard to actually put into words.

    I'm like the opposite on The Hunger Games movies, I thought one was really bad and I preferred the book. I thought Catching Fire was an absolutely amazing movie and it totally blew me away. And I also loved Mockingjay Part 1, they did such a great job and preferred it to the book. But it's hard because it's such a different book/movie to the other two. A lot more talk during the beginning and not much action.

    So happy you did the tag! :) I love you and your wonderful opinions.

    1. I did! We have the Disney Princess one in our drafts, we've just never posted it.. ooops?
      I do think Hunger Games divides opinions, so many people felt varied things on the films, but I think I'm a sucker for the on screen you know, I was just in awe and still am, the experience was wonderful. Thank you for tagging!<3

  5. I agree with the hunger games. I really wasn't a fan of the books until the 3rd one, but I really loved the movies

    1. The films themselves are really rather good aren't they Ashley, pleased you liked them too!

  6. Can I just tell you how much I love your answers!! LOL!! This will be a fun one to participate in - thanks for the tag, sweets!! <3

    1. Thanks Lisa, so pleased you liked them! I realise I'm a very black sheep sometimes, so I had some unusual ones here! Can't wait to see what you come up with :D<3

  7. Ahhh yesss, although it's not your genre, I just love my YA Sci-fi and you picked out some great reads that I need to pick up XD Hunger Games is totally fantastic and the movie franchise really set off lots of wonderful YA adaptations! I love how you said stop comparing everything to John Green. Because he ISNT all that, but all the nerdfighter business can sometimes be so annoying. I have heard horrid things about the Selection and Alice in Zombieland and I'm scared to pick them up. Talon, no thanks. Lucky for me, I love my Romitri, but I understand, it's not for everyone.

    1. Oh definitely, I don't mind that the Nerdfighters like him, and I enjoy watching Crash Course a lot on Youtube, but generally, his books are just many in the huge collection, we have to stop comparing them! I wouldn't recommend Alice in Zombieland unless you like teenage drama, angst, and not very Alice-like retellings - the premise is great, the execution, not so!


    100% agree with the THG movies being better than the books. I liked the books when I read them, but I CANNOT reread them. The writing just doesn't agree with me anymore. And LOL THE SELECTION. *vomits* I have no intention of reading CC's new series, either. I have had enough shadowhunters to last me a lifetime. And definitely enough angst.


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