Wednesday 20 May 2015

4 Ways Your Blog Can Benefit Your Résumé

We all have CV's and résumé's, most of them are more than likely a little out of date, not very exciting and lacking in what could be deemed as interesting information about ourselves. God forbid we actually shared a little something personal about ourselves when applying for a job, employers are much more interested in why we enjoy socialising with friends lazy nights in with our cat, or actively seeking out new and exciting opportunities doing whatever job will hire you until you get bored and find another.

If you run a blog, you're missing out on great résumé content!

Sure, talking about how you go running (who are you trying to kid?) and regularly train for country-wide swimming competitions (do you even have a swimming costume?) may make you sound outgoing and exciting, it's probably a long way from the truth, and you'd have more luck being down-right honest and sharing what your passionate about, in this case, blogging.

Of course, I would not advise that you go into detail about how you sit in your pyjamas all day on your computer, typing away and shouting out to the void. Instead, here's four ways you can use your blog as a form of work experience - perfect for those who haven't got much, or those wanting to showcase their skills a little more.

1. Corresponding or Working with Professionals

No matter the type of blog you run, you will almost always end up creating professional relationships with people in the industry you blog in, whether it be stylists if you're into fashion, designers and coders if you specialise in web design, sponsors if you're looking into breaking through from hobby to paid work, or publishers, if like me, you enjoy blogging about books. Mentioning that you've worked with these professionals in said industry can be highly beneficial, it shows that:
  • you can create and maintain professional, workplace relationships
  • you are comfortable and well educated in email or online correspondence
  • you understand proper mannerisms and are grammatically fluent
  • you are confident and not afraid of getting to know the people that will get you places
It's important to remember that in any working position, you will have to be confident, be professional and be able to maintain professional relationships, no matter your personal or emotional feelings at any given time. Working with professionals within your blogging experience can bring a lot of positive benefits.

2. Social Networking/Marketing

As the internet continues to evolve, so do companies, and as they evolve, so does their use of social media and how they market themselves, their products or services, and their business. As somebody who runs a blog, (I would assume) you would already have plenty of experience in using social networks, getting the most out their SEO and promotion tactics and will have a broad understanding of marketing in the online industry. Mentioning this experience shows that:
  • you are experienced in social networking and capable of advertising online
  • you are flexible and able to to adapt along with social networks as they continue to evolve
  • you know how to get the right product or service to the right audience, quickly and easily
  • you are educated in online etiquette, language and understand the restrictions of social media
As the world continues to make use of the internet and social media more and more, the need for experience and education in this sector is increasing every day. Your experience, whether as a hobby or a part-time professional could just be enough to snag you that job ahead of your other competitors.

3. Organisation, Planning and Scheduling

One of the most important and frequently given pieces of advice when blogging is the organise yourself, have a plan of action, and prepare and schedule your content. If you do all three of the above, you're well on your way to proving that your time-keeping skills are excellent, that you can work to a deadline, and that you always aim to finished and complete your work on time, to the best of your ability, at the highest quality possible. Organisation is possibly the most important of these three when consider your résumé, employers are looking for proof that you can organise yourself, organise others should the need arise, and that you're a tough bird to get flustered too easily. Using this experience easily shows that:
  • you have impeccable time-keeping skills and can work within set periods of time
  • you can organise yourself professionally and calmly, and are in control of the task in hand
  • you can work to deadlines, complete tasks on time and ensure the work is of a high standard
  • you take any amount of work seriously and understand the need for being punctual, professional and precise
These three skills are things manner employers expect, but so many employee's take for granted when explaining what they're positively great at. being tidy, on time and a little anal in organisation is only a good thing, and there's never anything to be ashamed of in admitting it.

4. Passion and Dedication

If you claim to have no hobbies, or that you're pretty work obsessed, employers can take that as a positive, but many like to know that you have something away from home, that you are decidedly human in that you actually appreciate a break away. By having a hobby like blogging that you dedicate time, effort and pour love and energy into shows that:
  • you're passionate about what you love, and enjoy sharing that passion with others
  • you will put time and effort into something that you feel strongly about, no matter the rewards
  • you have the ability to turn something you love and are passionate about, into a rewarding hobby
  • you can create a positive space in which you work well, stay positive, and feel comfortable in
Passion and dedication for something, for anything, highlights that you're an exciting person, that you have things you absolutely love outside of your working life, that you take a task and make it as fabulous as it can be, and if you're in the right environment, you can work positively and enthusiastically, and if there's anything employers want, it's enthusiastic and hard working staff.

Bloggers: How Could Your Blog Benefit Your Résumé?

What skills have you gained through blogging? Are there any benefits you can think of that I've missed?


  1. Great post, very inspiring. I never thought about it that way. In a way I guess I have all the skills to run my own business, even if I don't make a profit off of it. I don't know if I'd want to hand over the details to all potential employers, I like keeping my home and work lives separate. But I guess I could think of a way to incorporate what I've learned blogging with what I need to succeed in the non blogging world.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books

    1. Thanks lovely! I can understand you wanting to keep the two world separate, it's not a bad thing, but the skills you gain and get from doing it and at least quickly mentioning is something fabulous!

  2. I love this post so much! I haven't had a job yet, but you've opened my eyes and made me feel better so that when I do need a resume, I'll be able to list my blog and skills I've learned. So thank you for this! As for skills and achievements I've accomplished through blogging: I've made professional relationship with publishers and authors and I've held blog events and Twitter chats.

    1. You're welcome Rebecca, glad I could be of help! There's so much we do that we forget, we shouldn't.

  3. So interesting, Amanda! This is something that I've been thinking of popping into my CV. There's so much that I've learnt from blogging, all of things that feed into the workforce. As bloggers I feel like we work so hard to build a "brand" if you get me? And there's so much to it--a lot of communication and organisational skills must be developed. Fantastic post, Amanda! x

    1. Thanks Jess! I always think it's worth mentioning something, especially if you're lacking real world experience x

  4. I have thought about putting in on my CV, but I'm still scared to take the step. I have a feeling blogging has a more negative feeling over here, like it's not something they will see as beneficial. It's not that I am ashamed about it, but I want them to take me seriously & I feel like it's not big enough here. I do agree with all your points and I have learned so much through blogging, that I might go ahead and put it on there anyway.

    1. Aw Mel, I completely understand, it's your baby. Even if you just mention in passing, it's an easy way to show skills!

  5. I actually hadn't thought of it that way, but really it does make a lot of sense. I'm marking this to remind me to look at adding it in. :) Great post!

    1. Thanks Chrystal, I'm glad I've managed to make you think, that's always a great thing! :)


    I'm turning sixteen in like two years and by then, I'll be allowed to get a part time job. Since I don't have any work experience this is such a neat idea! Blogging really does help organizational and writing skills - especially correspondance towards people in other positions. In a way, we do have to be "team players" [blog tours, author posts etc.] LOVE this!

    1. Thanks Nova, here's to this helping you in the future. There's a lot we take for granted, we should use it all!

  7. These are all really great tips. As a freelancer I think of ways to tweak my resume from whatever I do. There are a lot of bloggers who work very hard but still don't give themselves enough credit to say so on there resume. Great post!

    1. Thank Suzi! Always giving yourself credit is something we should all do, we work too hard not to it :)

  8. Fantastic tips Amanda - I'm definitely going to be bookmarking this post! I hadn't really thought about how blogging really can fit in with the qualities people are looking for out there in the workforce. It's a bonus to know that it really can make a difference in that way :)

    Eugenia @ Genie In A Book

    1. Thanks Eugenia! Who knows, you might just win over the people you're trying to impress with your skills :)


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