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Weekly Recap | 6-11 Apr. 2015

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Important News!

You know that Amanda has been talking about redesigning Beautiful Bookish Butterflies for a week or two now? Well, the fabulous news is, she's convinced she's finished it and has decided that there is no better time to share the design than, well, within the next week or two. While this is all very very exciting, it does mean there's going to be interference with BBB. Firstly, on 14th Apr. BBB will be put into private mode, meaning, if you search for us, or follow any links leading to us, you won't find us. This is inconvenient and a little unlucky, but in order for the change to be as simple, easy and clean as possible, we will need just under two weeks to make changes, ensure all links and features work and make sure that we're all in working order. BBB will be back up and running by 26th Apr. and hopefully, we'll be rocking a new, cleaner, fresher look.

We know a lot of you love our current design and trust us, we love it too, there's just something exciting about feeling fresh and new and getting a new look that's just really exciting. It will still be the same great content, and we'll also be making a few changes and implementing advise you gave us in our survey, so fingers crossed, you'll be getting an even better blog when we return. Over the next few weeks, you'll see our social sites changing and we'll be posting regular updates on our Twitter account, so it you're extra nosey, it might be worth keeping an eye on that. We hope you'll still be here when we return and that you'll like our new look. We'll be seeing you again soon!

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Offline This Week:


Because I'm always talking about being tired, I thought I would explain why. To put it simply, I've got a heredity condition which effects the flow of the blood around my body thus leaving me pretty anaemic. So when I don't get a lot of sleep or my iron levels are low I find it really hard to function and focus. For the past two weeks it's been spring half term for my daughter, and she has spent a lot of time jumping into our bed at night leaving me with very little sleep because I find it hard sleeping between a fidgeting 5 year old who has more energy than is normal, and a snoring man, I mean wouldn't you?. So though it seems like sometime I'm always starting off my weekly update with me being tired, that's the reason for it. (Today is the last day of her time off and though I've loved having her at home, I'm looking forward to time to myself tomorrow... or time with my sofa haha). The lack of focus over the last few weeks has resulted in my being blank when it came to posts and reviews I had wrote next to nothing. So with the two weeks blog break I'm hoping to get LOTS done!

In other news I finally started the Covenant series, and though it has a lot of similarities to the Vampire Academy series, there is a lot that’s different and I'm really enjoying it. I also finally finished the Sweet Evil series and I'll be honest, it all went down hill from book #1 for me. It wasn't a terrible read, but I wont be reading #4 (it's the 3 books but from Kaidan's POV) and I don't think I'll be rereading the series so I'm glad I only got them cheap for the Kindle. As you can see, I'm taking this month of reading series really seriously, all I've read in a April has been books for a series (I do need to get back to my review copies though!..)

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to Amanda for covering for me on the blog the last week or two, and for understanding why I've been spaced lately, I'm not sure what I would do if I was on my own. I'd also just like to say goodbye for two weeks to everyone and I hope you understand why its the best thing for me and Amanda right now, and we'll see you after with a lovely new design (of course designed by my awesome co-blogger) and more posts than you can shake a stick at :)


Ever had a week that just feels like it's flown by, and you know you've done things, you just can't remember what things? I've seen a lot of my best friend lately and this week hasn't been too different, and I have slowly, horribly slowly gotten back into my reading with Perfectly Ella (beautiful, so many wonderful family emotions) but other than that, honestly, I've been sleeping, addicted to watching Crash Course (again..) and stressing over the new BBB design. OH. I'm also starting a new four week work experience, again.. but this time it's for retail, something I know and feel comfortable, so while that is good, it's bad that it falls as it does. I'm in the middle of a few projects, I'm juggling new designs, catching up on blogging and booking new therapy sessions, and I'm still sniffling through life. I'm not feeling fabulous, but, I'm praying for some improvements. Soon, please life, I'd really appreciate it?

What We Liked This Week:

We haven't got a lot of in this weeks link-up. Amanda's been distracted and frazzled. What is here is absolutely fabulous though.

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  1. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW DEISGN. XD Heh. heh. *basks in secrets* AHEM. So yes. I'm 1000% confident in your fabulousness, you two.

    Stacie: omg that sounds pretty awful. :( I've spent all my life with health problems and being super tired and stuff, so yeah, I feel for you. I hope you and the sofa have a nice time in unconsciousness together. ;-)

    Amanda: GOOD LUCK ON WORK EXPERIENCE. And that's awesome you'v had plenty of time to hang out with your BF. My sister is on school holidays so I'm hoping we have more time to do stuff together. xD So far..she's doing assignments, but she has one week left. :D

  2. Oooh how exciting you have a new design coming ladies! I can't wait to see it, it's always exciting to experience!

    Oh Amanda, great to hear you have another work experience gig coming up, the best of luck to you! oh trust me, I'm always plagued with finding things hard to remember lol.

    Oh Stacie, I hope you get some good rest soon! It means you've finally had the chance to get a well deserved break, which is good.

    Have a lovely week girls!

  3. SHOOT. I wrote a very long comment, but I didn't know my internet cable fell out of my laptop so it disappeared *sigh* The short version is that I'm very excited for the new design, that I hope you get to do a lot in your blogging break Stacie (and that it sucks you feel tired all the time) and that I wish you a lot of good luck with your new work experiences Amanda. I hope you get those improvements to make you feel better soon :)

  4. So, new reader here (*waves*) and my first thought was how beautiful the design was, haha! Still, I will keep an eye out to see what the redesign will look like. I totally understand why you'd want a new design, though. It's nice to change things up a little! :) Stacie: Gahhh, YES. That was my first thought when I started reading the Covent series. There were so many similarities, but at the same time I found myself still enjoying them. (Even though due to my TBR list I'm SOOO behind on them.) Amanda: Yep, I'm like that too. Time goes so fast and so much happens that it's hard to remember it all. xD Good luck with your work experience!


    Ugh, the Covenant series. I was soooo in love at first and then I just absolutely could not handle the love triangle anymore, so I never actually managed to finish the series. Whoops.

    I really hope this week is better for both of you! Amanda, I'm sure you'll be fantabulous at work, and Stacie, life happens! And that's the kind of stuff that definitely has to take precedence.

  6. I keep going back and forth about a new desing. I want to but it's so easy to leave things as they are. I've had mine for several years and I know I should transition to something else. I just haven't done it yet. Looking forward to your unveiling!
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