Monday 3 December 2012

Book Review - Fall For Anything

Fall For Anything
Author: Courtney Summers 
Genres: Contemporary, Death | Young Adult
Release Date: December 21st 2010
Publishers:  St. Martin's Griffin
No. Pages: 230
Source: Borrowed
Struggling to understand the reasons behind her successful photographer father's suicide, Eddie Reeves purses a dangerous relationship with one of her father's former students, who seems to know more about Eddie's father than she does.
Even though I've wanted to read Courtney Summers books for a long time, the first time I had got around to reading anything by here was last month. It was This Is Not A Test and it was a really good book. I'll be honest, at the moment I'm not really into the whole realistic YA books, maybe its because I'm just a little bit obsessed with dystopia but I've only got a short while to finish any of my reading challenges on Goodreads and this was on the list, so I picked it up. It did not disappoint one bit.

This book is set from Eddie's point of view. Its a few weeks after her dad committed suicide and while her mother is falling apart she is trying to figure out why. He seemed happy, a well known photographer and a dotting father, so Eddie just could not understand why he would do it. Until one day she meets Culler. Culler Evans was her dads one and only student, and someone else who misses him just as much as she seems to. Her best friend, Milo, who has always been her rock, has now turned to and ex instead of helping Eddie through this hard time. Milo, someone she's been friends with for as long as she can remember, was the one who found Eddie with her dad (her dad having jumped off the top of an abandoned building in town) and refuses to talk about it with her. Lost and confused she seeks comfort in Culler, who is able to give her an insight into the person her dad was while working, leaving Eddie feeling more and more like she didn't truly know who her father is.

On one of their many trips to the abandoned building that her father jumped from, somewhere Eddie likes to sit when she's got no where else to go or needs to clear her head, her and Culler find the initials SR carved into the wood, and while cleaning out her fathers things at the studio they find only photos, photos Culler says her dad had took just a week before his death. So Eddie and Culler set off on an adventure to find the places in the photos and see if there is anything else there, something that could give them some insight into why he decided he didn't want to live any more.

Confused and torn between Culler and Milo, Eddie struggles to cope even more, especially as its seeming more and more that her dad just wasn't happy, that he didn't want to live any more because there wasn't anything to live for.

This book was so well written and heart wrenching that the only way to truly explain to you how I felt reading it is just to read it yourself, because I cant explain it. The characters felt so life like and real that I sometimes forgot that I was reading a fiction book. I'll be picking up Cracked Up To Be or Some Girls Are next. If anyone reads this and feels I should read a certain one first, I'd be very grateful for comments :)

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