So You're a Cover Lover | Who Wore It Better Guests

At Beautiful Bookish Butterflies, we love talking about book covers! We take great joy in showcasing some of the best, and of course, some of the worst in the business, because lets face it, we all judge books by their covers, we just can't help it.
What we can help with is letting you in on the fun behind the feature.

You see, we want you to be a guest poster for Who Wore It Better!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the feature? Now is your chance!
We're looking for guest posters open to the opportunity of choosing covers from all over the world of a standalone novel of any age, by any author, that hasn't already been featured previously (you can find our previous Who Wore It better posts in our Who Wore It Better Archive.) Graphics will be made by Amanda, so there's no need for you to have a creative touch, all we need is your opinion!

If you're interested in being a part of our feature, here's the information we initially need from you:
  • Your name (and blog name/link if applicable)
  • Your email address (in order to contact you with future details - this will never be shared)
  • Three standalone choices (which must have 5 or more different covers) in which you're interested in using in your guest post (we ask for three so that if somebody else requests to feature the same book before you, you have options to fall back one) including title and author.

Once we've received your email, we will do our best to reply within 48 hours and continue to process which will involve you choosing the covers of your chosen standalone of choice, considering the order in which you would rate the covers from best to least impressive, and your reasons behind your order of choice. Were possible, we would like for each guest post process to be complete within two weeks, but if your post will take longer due to circumstances, we would appreciate your communication as soon as possible.

If you wish to cancel your guest post application, please send a new application explaining your reason for canceling.
We cannot promise you will be given the opportunity again should you need to cancel.

Still interested? Fill in our contact form!


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