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You like to read books and have a soft spot for all things fantasy and comtemporary. You know, the kind that have magic and fierce leading characters, with worlds you just you could visit and live in, or those that just wrap you up in snuggles and hot drinks and feel so fluffy. You spend hours looking for your next favourite book, the book that has everything you want, the one that just - *sighs* - make's you feel so good, you know?
Guess what? Me too!

I spend hours researching, reading and reviewing books, finding the best and most impressive of the bunch so you can cut out the frustrating from the exhilarating and just enjoy what you do. Did you know I read 172 books last year in order to find the best of the best, the creme de la creme? Not all of them cut the mustard, but the ones that did, THEY ROCKED MY WORLD, and I want them to rock yours too.
Say goodbye to bad reads - I can help you find the books you will love!

I don't just read though, oh no. Have you checked out other blogs and thought 'oh man, if only I knew how to create and design something like this'? I thought the same when I first started out and it's pretty daunting isn't it? You know, I can help you with that too! This design you're looking at, I did that, and it took time and dedication, many tutorials and lots of mistakes, but look at it, isn't it beautiful?! I can help teach you how to create your own beautiful safe haven, somewhere to share what you love and desire. In fact, I WANT to teach you and make you a superstar. You are great, but you could be amazing, and I can show you how.

I Want To Know Your Design Secrets!

I didn't always share my love of books here at Beautiful Bookish Butterflies. When I first started out, I had my own blog and posted anything and everything, from bad bad reviews to what makes me read sequels, but with time and effort, I created a space I loved and found my own place in the community, making friends I can't imagine not having and starting work with the wonderful people at Lovereading4kids that continue to help me find the best books for my readers, and for you. When circumstances changed and life got a little busy, I decided to team up with fellow blogger and friend Stacie and create a new space for both us, somewhere I could continue what I love doing without leaving anything behind. I've made some wonderful friends since I've been blogging and I would like to be friends with you too!
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I do great work here at Beautiful Bookish Butterflies and I hope that my work will benefit you, whether it's in finding your next read or helping you code and make your blog beautiful. I don't want you to miss anything, so make sure you're subscribed.
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