Tell Me Your Favourite Things! | Five Friday Favourites

What Is Five Friday Favourites?

Five Friday Favourites is a monthly feature that involves us sharing a prompt that allows people to share their favourites relating to that topic prompt. Similar to and inspired by Top Ten Tuesday and Super Six Sunday, Five Friday Favourites specialises in favourites and not-so-favourites of any and all subjects, and all prompts are open to interpretation.

For example, we could share the prompt: 'Favourite Finales' and you could be inspired to share your favourite book series finales, favourite final scenes in books, favourite film finales or TV show finales. There is no limit to the amount of favourites you can choose, but of course, we would prefer if you stuck with five, hence the name of the feature, and we'd appreciate any ideas.

How Can You Get Involved?

It's all very simple. Below there is a list of prompts for 2015, one for each month, and all you need to do is share your favourites relating to the prompt, either use our feature banner or create your own, and then share and link back to us. See, easy!

2015 Five Friday Favourites Prompts

29th May - Favourite (Currently) Incomplete Series
26th June - Favourite Summer Themed Books
31st July - Favourite (Current) Cover Trends
28th August - Favourite Posts You've Ever Written
25th September -
30th October -
27th November -
25th December -